On site three PR to update the understanding of the change

went on to an article said, PR changes, resulting in their website three PR change, then to talk about the three PR update recently, some of these understanding should know friends are very helpful, first to talk about PR of their total station changed three times, the first 0-4, second 4-0, third 0-2, if these people are, the analysis of these problems is very meaningful to believe.

, 0-4, this process is occurring in the production site for half a year, and then modified to become blog directly after the PR is up to 4, have to say that an update or listen to the awesome, although I know some of the reasons, but look at those numbers should be still very comfortable, then analysis what causes; PR from 0-4 is a process, but what is the process of birth, talk about the website do what, early itself is a Taobao site guest website, then the data using the API call, you know the API data call is can produce a large number of pages directly, and these pages directly creating a link stability and security, according to my own speculation, direct up to 4 at the time, because the site did API site, and then directly indexed by search engines, resulting in a large The amount of the site within the chain, so as to promote directly improve website PR value, remember the page W, this time although made outside the chain, but the chain is still not an utterly inadequate measure, then in the chain, believe that when a large number of pages included is the PR level, a after all, in the chain is the link, but also is a kind of very important, to ensure that their own pages included, to ensure quality, but also we should pay attention to.

The first time

third, also is a recent, 0-2, the PR value rose again, up to 2, said at the forum to see, this time the update is just an adjustment, adjust some of the data, and the PR value rose to 2 also redefined the chain or effective.

second, 4-0, API in the station caused when a large collection of pages, this time I put the website, into a completely different type of website, which is his own Shanghai dragon blog site, when this is the case, the page is greatly reduced, directly in the noble baby with a robots screen when a large number of Web links, resulting in noble baby now exist in a large number of blank pages (Only Title, not the content of the page, that noble Baby Memory and cache), so for now, this is the effect of it, a lot of the missing page, resulting in the loss of a large number of links so, only the case, PR to 0 is a very tangled thing, after all, so many links did not happen a little effect, but the link is so huge floating The key to it, finally let the noble baby web site directly reduces the PR value, which directly caused the situation at the time, pR updates, once again adjust, always affect us.

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