Baby Name Trends: “Hillary” Is up 142% . . . “Donald” Is Only Up 8%

first_imgHillary Clinton still has a slight edge over Donald Trump in the polls.  But she’s CRUSHING him in one category.  Way more people are naming BABIES after her.According to the website, the name “Hillary” is up 142% compared to last year.  And the name “Donald” is also up . . . but only 8%.They haven’t released any results for Bernie Sanders or the other candidates, but they did post numbers for the Clinton and Trump families.The name “Bill” is up 113% . . . “Chelsea” is up 18% . . . “Melania” is up 36% . . . and “Ivanka” is up 4%.The musical “Hamilton” is also having a big effect.  It’s 60% more popular as a baby name this year.  “Jefferson” is up 171%, “James” is up 25% for boys . . . and 40% for GIRLS.  (???)Names from the last “Star Wars” are also more popular than they were last year.  “Rey” is up 82% for girls . . . and “Kylo” is up 67% for boys, even though he’s the bad guy.last_img

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