When the seller told WeChat shop at Taobao Raiders Fishing gold

[Abstract] from the WeChat open the payment gate that day, "WeChat shop" gradually began to affect the business of the heart, until now, "WeChat shop" trend has been even more than "to the Taobao shop". When Taobao is no longer regarded as business sites, WeChat is becoming the new darling of the entrepreneur, who in the WeChat tasted the sweetness of the shopkeepers will undoubtedly become the most popular opinion leaders on WeChat to sell children bumper harvest "Kazakhstan dad" is one of them.

By running WeChat’s public account and selling some classic pictures by chance,

reached 33 thousand yuan in daily sales in less than a month, and soon became popular in the circle. The so-called "no business mind, even Taobao stores are not open" Daddy, dug the first pot of gold in my WeChat.

ha, Dad, micro shop screenshot,

editor from Kazakhstan dad, more believe that "content is king"

until now, ha dad still admit that he is not one to understand marketing, understand the business people, in the book "day 30 thousand and 3" conference, Kazakhstan dad not "how fast rose powder" and "how fast sellers" this kind of topic talking about, he claimed that he really did not understand these. Sharing more is how to do the content, and that’s one of the biggest strengths of the editor in running public numbers.

billion state power network from "Japan 30 thousand and 3" learned a few ha WeChat stores more pragmatic. "Source theory": see what you have; see what others need to do; find; find the existing micro shop owner for Taobao. These practical strong experience, in fact, to a certain extent reflects the current WeChat opened a typical ecological shop: from direct marketing to distribution, wholesale combination of diversified business model. Behind also feel a trend, as a latecomer to the electricity supplier of WeChat, Taobao is fierce to snatch the seller resources.

The following is

ha dad authorized the state power grid "excerpts into 30 thousand and 3 parts:


(WeChat shop) good goods from where to find,


looks for himself.

what interests, hobbies, skills or talents do you have? You can change what you own into something that can be sold. A secondary school in Chongqing has a teacher named Wang Jue, she opened a micro shop, 20 days on income of more than 1000 yuan. What did she sell at the micro store? She sold her daughter Sonny’s paintings and her own handicrafts. It was also reported by the Chongqing commercial daily.

I have a WeChat friend, she has children. Children like reading picture books very much. She likes cooking very much and she is very good at it. She opened a small shop called "Hong Kong style sauce &", sharing pictures".

she put a large number of picture books her children read into her own tiny shop to make a commodity. She described the goods like this: "one dollar a day, >