The voice of an old stationmaster our stationmaster is the most pitiful.

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in our primary school, we think when the people’s Liberation Army, when scientists, how, as we now, rather naive, can only smile; a post appeared before the, the majority of users ask a student what campus Belle and punks, generally reflect the end thread is not good, in fact, their culture connotation of campus Belle and temperament in the age of students, rather than follow the bully lost dignity, future is limitless, but was lost when we eyes; a student of infinite vision, but to the students of 4 will sniff at.

I put all I said above is called memory thinking, note here a theory, future breakthrough thinking behavior theory, this is my own summary of myself, the profound connotation of theory after the day published an article that we only need to temporarily understand a truth, that we put on a a period of several years after thinking again now, always seemed so childish! Probably regret.

why must we regret, if we can seize the opportunity to shorten their childish period, we can achieve some things in advance.

network back to the question, we recall our first contact with the network. Now, what we know? Don’t write code, do not know a program that does not understand the concept of the host, what are not, blind consumption of dry blood disorder erection procedure, walked a long curved road, was a success no matter, great or not, in short, we are in progress.

10 years ago, we never dreamed of such things BBS can become the cornerstone of the development of the Internet, 2 years ago, we didn’t even know what SNS is, but now, we began to no longer concerned about the BBS this old thing, and in the discussion of SNS how to do in the end, the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster although the lack of funds and technology, but not the lack of mind, to develop a variety of development strategies, such as college students, such as the network, although there is no formation of great influence, but its unique thinking we have to admire the webmaster.

we literally take what keywords search, there will always be a lot of results, click on these results, always find the answer we need, this is the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster credit.


alliance advertising how to make money? If the alliance dare to pay lower limit is set to 0, I believe that the webmaster will be very happy, but feel shy, they are big, medium and small owners is the fish, you must be 50, 100 or even 100 dollars to request payment, can, which may have to pay as much. Beware of being detained is K.

the vast number of program providers to provide a variety of procedures for the owners of ammunition, the owners with ammunition before the charge, but the ammunition can not reach the ideal state of the majority of the webmaster, but how can the webmaster do?

here beg for, like seeking ancestors, let the program developers to develop the program well, but still can not always be satisfactory, BBS as the basis of community, fire, but other procedures to coax and