Thinking and worrying about the prospects for the development of personal webmaster

I do stand not for a long time, the first contact with the html is around 2000, when using free space to do a pure static personal page, and a fairly standard station is completed in early 2007 developed a program based on single user blog.Net 2, in September of that year began with the CMS station, he entered the ranks of the webmaster.

, my real time station can only be a year, in this year, some sites through the wind and rain, I think in all grassroots webmaster, or basic, software development will have now turned personal webmaster is not much. Experienced site traffic from scratch, the size of the advertising alliance, and now to be Baidu K station, there are tears also laugh.

When I stand before Baidu K

, I began to ponder on the development of grassroots website, at least in Chinese, the number of individual stationmaster is quite amazing, and individual owners in technology, capital, weak operation aspects, inevitably become the following after the second vulnerable civilian comrades group by migrant workers suffering, as migrant workers enjoy the benefits.

believes that many webmaster to Baidu for the new attitude of the 180 degree turn fresh, as long as the station before Baidu will close, just as long as the shoulders of a human head is the same, but one day suddenly began to speak up, new carefully, can blame Baidu? A lot of garbage station run, resulting in a large number of duplicate spam, cyber source are idle, people are more difficult to find things, is looking for a data into the station after the full data B. But, this can blame individual webmaster? In Admin5, each Seo related posts will tell novice webmaster, original, original, original, original……

personally, although it is non Coban born, poorly written, but at least can write some original words, at least not. Sometimes the mood is good, one day can write three or four original articles, but on a website (I was a computer network information station), the three or four article is an utterly inadequate measure, and sometimes not too state, four or five days are not squeeze out an article. In this way, I also know the original, I would like to original, but I can not write a single person so much original ah. So, how can I do, only continue to copy, paste, and what is more, direct acquisition, a little traffic, advertising, K station, change space, change domain names, change procedures, change content, and another new site. Thus, a vicious cycle is created.

then change a perspective, but not so much to write their own original articles, so I attract other users to write, but for a no depth, no breadth of the new station, how to attract other users, if I had the money, if I had known, I can use my money and with my popularity to bring website traffic with the original, but the grassroots webmaster have? If I have five million, I will not stand, I don’t work, I went to see a beauty.

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