Why is your website not making money here

Many people are concerned about Lu Songsong’s

website experience, but do the biggest problem is not to earn money, can be said that nine out of ten are not making money, of course, some people do just to record a simple life, but more of the owners still hope their website can be profitable. Today, let’s talk about why your website can’t make money. First of all, I would like to see the different views of Internet users.


angle did not see hope: I think the individual owners don’t play both technology and play profit idea, now a website run by the team, the profit space more and more small individual owners, rather than technical ideas do not sell technology, technology, anyway, not to spend in technology time spent time in the promotion of profit, that is really very tired. The pressure is getting bigger and bigger.

: my blog website, you can not start to think of money, do you love the things on it! For a long time, there will be bread, refueling, perseverance is victory!

shares: Xin Zhai with stationmaster tremendously! If there is no stable wages, the monthly fixed investment stock, I would starve to death. Or suggest that most people who eat on the Internet, find a proper job, work hard.

6 years: my own is still in a beginning 09 years of the first formal two level domain name and website, 07 years for the kind of free. I was still at school. Now, in a flash, six or seven years have passed, and have been persistent, persistent, but unfortunately, this road is completely out of sight. A penny did not get, but the whole youth into the trap. These six or seven years of website income, less than a few hundred dollars, less than a month to work a remnant.

now in this era, even more and more websites spelling father. After 67 years, I really want to say, grassroots, don’t make a fool of yourself. The industry no longer exists. Personal Adsense is thoroughly lost at the starting line of a group of people, want to rely on one person’s power, undertake to promote the site, content optimization, customer service and so on dozens of roles, you don’t eat or not drink all busy.

life is short, don’t waste.

Heng Qi: I also have nothing, it must find a way to make a living for yourself, in reality, it has been difficult enough to make a living, I did not expect to make a living on the network is also difficult,

ace Wangzhuan Forum: failure is not terrible, terrible is you don’t know where. Know yourself, even if it’s not too late again

original Wangzhuan Forum: everyone will experience failure, failure is not terrible, on the contrary, the failure method can let us find better. In fact, life is a step by step exploration process, but also overcome the difficulties of the process, I think we should learn to enjoy this process. Feel the power of Conquest!


Wang Baochen: Wang Baochen was contacted in February for 10 years and was later than the author of this article

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