Peixian to promote the one village nternet plus a college-graduate village official business model

once, the college student village official system for rural institutionalized management to advanced ideas. Now, the university student village officials will use the knowledge of science and technology innovation, the use of Internet technology to boost the development of rural entrepreneurship, the full realization of rural entrepreneurship, farmers entrepreneurship.

entered the "Internet plus" era, the rural economic development of the Internet technology power, has become an important topic of contemporary college-graduate village official led farmers to get rich through entrepreneurship. Peixian actively explore the "Internet plus" era college-graduate village official start the new path, "a village in Hu Zhai Zhen Internet plus a" college-graduate village official business mode of the promotion of the county, leading the transformation and upgrading of agriculture, strengthen the township economy.

"theory + practical", strengthen entrepreneurial base. The organization college-graduate village official went to Taobao headquarters in Hangzhou, China rural electricity supplier of all Suichang learning theory and practical experience, focusing on the training of rural development, shop open basic knowledge flow, network marketing skills, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm college-graduate village official, to enhance the electrical business application ability and the level of their. Provincial and municipal departments of Commerce and industry experts and experts to the electricity supplier business experts to Hu Village research, the town, a village and a product characteristics of agriculture combing planning to avoid competition with the industry, the formation of development efforts. Hire provincethe type sand town electricity supplier is responsible for imparting the successful experience for college-graduate village official arrange 1 Sha town shop responsible person as a business mentor, regular face-to-face communication, providing business guidance and technical and information services.

"support + reward", paving the road to entrepreneurship. Zhai Zhen Hu around the "one village one product of a shop, Union County Commission, nonggong ban set up projects Yijiangdaibu funds to support, guide the development of modern agriculture, with characteristic planting, breeding characteristics and processing of agricultural products based professional village, gradually expand the scale of Caomiao village 37 vegetables, shepherd’s purse, toon wild herbs one successful case of online sales.

According to the disadvantages of

"demonstration and guidance", boost entrepreneurship. College student village with the advantage of information resources, the store sales and "one village one product" agricultural production docking, show

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