Seven steps of enterprise website establishment and operation plan

as the saying goes: An army marches on its stomach. If a website wants to succeed, it is necessary to do a good job of website establishment and operation plan. Website construction and operation plan mainly includes 7 steps: form analysis, network marketing strategy planning, operation goal, network marketing strategy, implementation plan, budget, plan evaluation plan and so on. The plan with the traditional marketing plan, is the basic guideline of website and operation, of course in the process of the plan and operation of the station is not immutable and frozen, often in the actual operation process, will be modified according to the actual process, and even some manufacturers that enterprises in the process of making site construction and operation scheme. Should establish some contingency plans, once the need to adjust the site construction and operation plan, start the emergency contingency plans.

step 1: formal analysis

world is constantly changing, the marketing environment is the myriads of changes, which provide plenty of opportunities for enterprises, such as the development of new products, new markets, new customers and new channels of communication media, at the same time, also let the enterprises have to face many competitors, social environment, technical factors, economic factors such as the threat of law. Therefore, I must examine the tenant business environment; examine existing enterprise marketing programs and other information about the company and the company’s brand; examine the enterprise e-commerce strategy and objectives, performance appraisal etc..

The most commonly used forms of

analysis are SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat, i.e., strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat analysis). "SWOT" refers to the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the company as well as the opportunities and threats that exist outside the company when analyzing the environment and competitiveness.

second step: network marketing strategy planning

After a formal analysis of

and review of existing marketing plans, marketers begin to draw up strategic plans. In the process of strategic planning, marketing personnel need to consider the objectives of the organization, technology, resources and changing market opportunities are to adapt, including the completion of the strategy of market segmentation, target market strategy, differentiation strategy, market positioning strategy and strategic positioning website related strategic planning analysis.

third step: business objectives


management goal is the enterprise carries on the network marketing the goal, also also the network marketing in operation process "the compass"". Under normal circumstances, an online marketing plan mainly includes the following 3 objectives.

(1) task, that is, what needs to be accomplished?.

(2) quantifiable indicators of work, i.e., how much work is done?.

(3) time limit, that is, when to complete?.

of course, Internet marketing is also a kind of marketing

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