How to make products quickly acquire reputation Make it interesting

how to make a product quickly get word of mouth, make the function to use "interesting" is becoming more and more products try the way.

WeChat head Zhang Xiaolong once said such a paragraph: "marketing is what?" a word is "cool", "two words" is fun. Put the product out, and if they use fun on micro-blog, then this product will do the right thing. Because fun is a kind of public opinion that can be spread by word of mouth. It is a kind of experience, and it can not spread, but an experience is easy to spread."

reviews Tencent’s search for products that have become "interesting" in the last two months. Some of the following features may be represented:

makes conversation interesting


mobile QQ colorful bubbles

provides a personalized and fun experience for users in chat, a breakthrough point for mobile QQ. The most successful of this round of exploration is the "colorful bubble" function.

users choose their favorite "colorful bubble" image, and in the process of chatting with others, the information sent will be carried in the personalized bubble. After two weeks on the line, more than 55 million of users use it to dress up their chat scenes. Many users commented on the feature in the app store.

According to the introduction of

mobile phone in addition to the QQ team, and colorful bubbles show animation and voice function, the next will be based on mining more features, such as characteristics of keywords and fixed line number of words more animation, so that the user’s emotional expression full of fun.


WeChat "aircraft wars" game

all did not expect, WeChat when introducing the game center function, will actually think of using "aircraft" game to lead you to open the new version of the door.

market rumors, the game is the team members cramming for a week, eating biscuits and development time. But this kind of introduction new product function way has achieved the win-win result, both lets the user understand the new edition characteristic, also lets the new version in the release moment, lets "hit airplane" the concept explodes red in the network.

because of the traditional hand-painted style, and the game type nostalgia, easy to use, the fun of the game adds to the new version of WeChat’s reputation.

makes interaction interesting,


mobile QQ space drop-down refresh animation

The drop refresh feature in

mobile applications is no stranger to users. In social networks, a drop-down refresh action allows you to retrieve new information streams. Although this is often used in the application of action, but the design is relatively monotonous. >

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