n the severe nternet situation, opportunities can be found to survive

the 2010 Spring Festival Gala has just been over and there have been a lot of online reviews about the party. For the Spring Festival, there are in each year, everyone has his own assessment, huobaohuobian. Some people see the show "flaws", such as a performer’s hat fell on the stage; some people see the ads, such as many pieces into many businesses brand; others saw the program itself is wonderful; there are too few people to see the Spring Festival Gala opportunity. "Smart operators, Nuggets, Spring Festival Gala, a lot of economy, fashion products popular network", smart operators are not looking at the Spring Festival Gala, but business opportunities. Compared to the warm evaluation after the Spring Festival Gala, it is better to find opportunities and enrich your pockets. This requires a unique perspective.

Adsense do not know whether you will pay attention to your industry opportunities. It has been said that it is difficult to repeat others’ patterns. It is only by looking for opportunities and breakthroughs that we may surpass our competitors. For the Spring Festival Gala, some people saw the wonderful, some people saw the garbage, only a few people saw the opportunity. The opportunity is only for the intended people, if you are willing to, you can also take the Spring Festival express, fishing for a pot of gold.

before 2008, there were many opportunities for China’s Internet, and many people joined the ranks. With the improvement of the market and the takeover of related departments, China’s Internet has become difficult. From the end of 2009, the cyber strike movement began to spread and many people suffered losses or even lost their jobs. Grassroots webmaster becomes awkward, become vulnerable groups, there is no corresponding security policy, order, personal websites have been closed down. Many personal webmaster let inconstant in policy policy, be taken by surprise, the Internet has not perfect rules, no rules, personal webmaster has become more and more difficult. In addition to watching the current network situation, there is no better way out.

but the situation is the situation. Some websites are difficult. Some websites can survive in a tough situation. Because of the different perspectives, we see opportunities that other people do not see. For example, the common word, excel office software, some people see only the two software itself, some people think of the construction of these software, the use of communication sites and forums. Although there are certain limitations, but there are undoubtedly many opportunities. These software applications are potential users of the site, if they are gathered together, to provide them with a platform for communication, there is a strong user stickiness, easy to form a user circle. For example, there is a club.excelhome.net/ forum, excel user communication forum, although there are certain limitations, but the number of users and postings are not low. More than 1 million registered members of the forum, the amount of thousands of Posts posted. Not to verify whether the registered members of this forum is true, the model and content of the website is indeed worth learning. There are some fixed user groups and improve the content of the website, the website profit nature is also smooth things.

although the current network situation is not ideal, still some people do very well, in addition to personal luck, but more of the site’s model and content. At A5 webmaster admi>

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