Buying domain names from foreign domain names

IT has been using the original monopoly network: this domain name, always feel a w (Network) is not too good to remember, when other people say that IT monopoly network, people always think that is the domain name, often need to explain to others for the first phonetic alphabet ZMW is the "monopoly". Very sad, so determined to buy the domain name

through the query, this domain name by a foreign domain name merchant (foreign rice dealer) note, I will register with him, the information inside the mailbox to send a want to buy the mail. My English is average, and I translate it all by Goolge. Of course, the content is very simple. Two words: "I want to buy the domain name, please tell me your price."." Wait until the second day, he wrote back, to $6500, halo, anyway, contact him, the price will slowly cut it!


no longer said the price of the bargain, all through the mail, and finally 800 dollars to fix. OK, when ready to trade in trouble, how to pay for it! If he is a liar how! After many ask, eon technology helped me a lot, he recommended me to conduct transactions through an intermediary secured website abroad. Its process is a little similar to Taobao shopping. Registered members at this site, enter credit card information, which can be deducted directly from my credit card 850 U. S. dollars (50 yuan fee).

first began trading with foreigners, also don’t know where to start, is actually very simple, huh! I hope my experience to help you, hope you can pay attention to my website: IT monopoly network thank you!

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