s it true that the strong return of the chain era

site optimization three blocks, code, content and the chain. Although we already know that the search engine rankings for the review of hundreds of factors, but as the basis for optimization of content publishing and production of the chain, in any case, we have not stopped.

Last year, Baidu

for the chain is particularly harsh, the author Dennis began with the chain for the emperor era is over. But recently, SEO Bryant quietly told the author that the chain effect has begun to slowly return to your website can not update, but the chain is not small! Of course this hearsay is accurate, we need to verify the data, and now we may as well when it is correct, then we should be how to the release of the chain of


for the chain whether you are a novice or veteran teachers are familiar with the optimization, the novice may know early made for the site chain is through various channels, but I’m afraid no one will tell you how to do the chain!? also do not show you spam links will bring the negative influence to the to the site!? that today the author Dennis and discuss together to sum up


first, we do the chain, we must know the role of the chain in the SEO.


chain as the station optimization is an important part, it is the most important role in making a recommendation vote, the chain can increase the site’s exposure, will give your site to bring a "vote"; the chain in optimization is also included in the ranking for the site and to guide. Can be Spider as the path to crawl to your web site to increase may be included in the site; the final result is to optimize website marketing, outside chain is precisely to show to the potential customers, thus improving the conversion rate to a great extent.

secondly, we need to know how to make web chains.

outside the chain is not the more the better? This is not necessarily. If you use the software group to do, so the doomed tragedy, these software can not distinguish the quality of Web site, the chain also produced many are spam links will affect the site; manual chain is we advocate, whether text or picture chain links, although manual link efficiency is relatively low, but the effect is very obvious, you can through reasonable adjustments to improve website ranking; we often point in the choice of links to the release site, to release at several fixed site platform, this link to a certain extent, has promoted the website, and the choice of these high quality platform should pay attention to links, not only is the home page, this website will bounce rate is very high, is not conducive to the comprehensive ranking.

finally, what are the main issues when we’re making the chain?

everything has two sides, especially for website optimization, its fluctuation is inevitable. It is impossible for us to change this fluctuation, but it can be prevented to some extent. There is such a thing in the production of the chain

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