A grassroots webmaster in Baidu included before the sad

since the touch of the Internet, because of their interest has always wanted to do a good site, but because of insufficient technology, has been unable to achieve. Access to "the Three Musketeers inadvertently learned only after discharged by DW is only the front, there is no background support, no matter so much to apply for a domain name for a free space bound to go online, did not know what Baidu included, just submit it to Baidu. May be due to the pure static page three days later, I search into my domain name in Baidu, there’s the reception site I submitted to the home, take a crooked road (I don’t walk in the road) – get some things on the Internet brush flow onslaught. Half a month without updates, free space is closed, and the site (not a website) was Baidu K.

              because I do not understand the background knowledge, bored for a long time. Plan not to get things online, prepare to work in South after graduation, but my interest, my major is learning this aspect. During this time I met a girl, and fell in love with her, she told me I have to do to persist, or ignore me, chasing her for a long time, but now she is not my girlfriend, I think impassability. Listen to "moved by the moving days", "some love is not sincere, you can," want to understand a lot, anyway, I like her, she can make me a lot of words. No matter what, just for the sake of later, I spent a lot of time to learn DIV+CSS, SEO, site technology, site collocation, website promotion and other related knowledge!


dream", a powerful station system, it can be used to imitate a variety of websites, and it’s the default official net, the biggest advantage is that already is to optimize the page, love it very much, here strongly recommend! So I applied for a domain name again, because I was still a student. The purchasing power of the space was not very strong. I chose a fast, big capacity and cheap space.

with "dream weaving" the website I want to get after forming, submit (of course I know many than before), a friend and I said don’t worry. Let each search station included my station, he said his web site is to let Baidu own included, the weight is relatively higher. So I waited for 20 days, during the continuous update, plus original article. But wait 20 days, I wait not anxious, although there are several search stations are included in my station, but Baidu how are not included. I submit it, and waited for 5 days, still, I wonder why the update not included? After a month, Baidu is free of charge, went to inquire about the domain name record, the original 2006 have been garbage station was K.

            then re applied for a CN domain name, same >

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