The guiding principle of visitor experience is to try to make visitors rookie

we know that the guiding idea of site design is good visitor experience, that is, visitor centric design. So how do we do visitor centered design? We often see some articles suggesting that good visitor experience should be "making our site more useful and convenient for visitors.". And how to do that? First we have to do a visitor experience design, and then go deep into the visitor’s needs." The author believes that this mainstream view is not wrong, but there is a lack of a guiding ideology, that is, we should try to visitors as "rookie."".

in the past in the optimization of site visitors to experience, the author thought only is at the site of the function can be convenient to use and friendly, as long as these two pieces do so naturally visitor experience. Then, relying on their own experience in SEO, analysis of the site’s background traffic data, and then list a lot of changes to the design: "how to design this function, how to optimize the layout, and so on?"".

later, in an online shopping experience to help friends, the author’s concept of a thorough subversion.

I have a female friend who is still at college. One day, my friend told me she was going to buy a mobile phone, but she wasn’t familiar with it. Let me give her some suggestions. At that time, the author recommended several famous 3C online stores with her, and said a lot of cheap and convenient mobile phones on the internet. But this friend has not bought something on the Internet, she asked me how to operate, I said very simple, into the website, you will know how to operate. After a long time, she telephoned me for a long time, she still did not know how to operate, I was surprised, because in the analysis, the two business platform has been doing well in the visitor’s experience. Finally, I had a weekend appointment with her to see what was wrong. Over the weekend, I went to guide her how she met, do not understand where I asked, the first problem don’t know how to select the products they want, and a few minor problems also appear in the registration and purchase..

After two hours of instruction and shopping,

finally ordered a friend’s cell phone, and I thought it was over. But who knows, two days, she called, say, let me and her go to the mobile phone city to choose one, and I asked her what happened, she complained that after two days, the online shopping phone has nothing to say. I asked her to log on to the website first to see if the order was shipped, or maybe the cell phone was already on the way. She said that the membership center has not changed, or the original content. Finally, the author can only go to the mobile phone city with her to buy the same style of mobile phone. In the evening, just to see her QQ online, so asked her website membership account password, want to go in and help her refund. But who knows, enter the system, view the order, logistics information shows that the goods are on the road, is expected to arrive tomorrow. I was ignorant… >

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