Web design benefits! 30 super practical JQUERY plug-in big collection


the Internet is a wonderful thing, you have friends like drawn to like here, found in every corner of the world. Most interesting of all, there are always people who can think of strange, funny, interesting ideas, share it all over the world, make our work easier, and make our lives more interesting. Actually jQuery was born, and many well-known developers worldwide began to produce more practical and easy to use jQuery plug-ins, they can not only free to use, and maintain a lightweight state, does not produce too much pressure on the server.

The existence of

jQuery makes web design and development easier and faster, and it really works with half the effort. In about half a year ago we had a wave of consolidation jQuery plugin: "want" more cool! Don’t miss the 30 free JQUERY plug-in collection ". As time goes on, more and more excellent plug-ins come out, so today we have collected 30 practical stunning jQuery plug-ins to help you speed up design and development.


The time has come for

to collect, and then you can quickly browse through the entire list, find what you need, or download it all for a rainy day. But don’t forget, dry goods are easy to get, but only after practice can you really control it,


web layout plug-in




plugin will help you build a stack of web layouts that allow your web pages to be viewed one page at a time like a slide. In order to facilitate users of different practical habits, you can also use the top of the Tebs page view, quite intimate.




plugin allows you to place specific areas in the grid, allowing you to navigate with the cursor more easily.



this plugin can help you if you just want to add transitions to the page switch.

Brick Work


, the only 15K widget, can help you create responsive dynamic layouts, and most of all, it has many useful features.



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