Talk about the key of high end website construction, win heart and profit

website construction market unpopular, competition is fierce, want from this market to fight the blaze a new trail, a firm foothold is not only the need of technology, there are more ideas and operation of the road. As a website construction company, the construction of high-end websites is not only the need for a larger share of the market, but also the necessary way to build up the company image and improve the company’s high-end competitiveness. In the construction of high-end websites, to win both customers’ hearts and to make more profits, we need to make some articles on concepts and operations, and seize the key point.

1. concept first, with the concept of intimate access to customer satisfaction.

The characteristics of

high-end web site determines the customer needs a higher level, higher customer for the requirements of the site use, compared to the general web site also has more special, this requires the website construction company website design before the full research and analysis of the characteristics and needs of customers, design based on understanding the real needs of users on the use of its own technology to implement these ideas into it, and keep the communication and contact with customers in the production process, often solicit customer feedback, so that customers feel the producers sincere and responsible attitude, to ensure the customer’s true intentions are implemented and implemented, so that customer satisfaction, reduce business friction process may occur and not fast, guarantee the quality of service.

2. preferred technology to make it most beneficial for customer use and maintenance.

as a production site, in the design and production of the website, to take into account the future site operation, the customer is able to maintain and adjust independently, to take into account the future maintenance requirements in the technical design, selection of optimal collocation technology to ensure future customers more easy to use and maintain. For example the current popular PHP code and SQL database collocation, is conducive to the customer to choose the virtual space or server, applicability, more stability, easier to maintain, and can avoid the limitations of the ASP language program in the selection of space and maintenance in trouble, while also giving priority to some mature program targeted transformation based on in order to ensure the process technology is mature and stable, but also conducive to the development and function of extended follow-up etc.. In short, the construction of the website revolves around the goals that are best for customer use and maintenance.

3. ensure the schedule, make the site allows users to put into use on time and quality.

for the website construction company, in order more better business conditions, often list packing and not enough manpower, it is most in need of the company to control and optimize the process management, guarantee in accordance with the established order fulfillment of each list, to optimize the website construction schedule to grasp, to prevent the accumulation of orders, the situation can not be completed on time. For high-end web site customers, website operation is often an important carrier and platform for business, so the schedule requirements are also very strict, so must use strict schedule control to ensure customer commitment in the contract, the public.

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