Challenge web site analysis of the wisdom of the masses (2) – infraredimages

[everyone] is immersed in time and is swept away by the passing years. A man’s life is but a struggle with time. We want to seize a love, a friendship, but these feelings can only rely on others to be retained, and each person, with the passage of time, is constantly sinking or collapse and die, or slip out of our lives, or our own has changed. – Proust,


last time we discussed some popular wisdom bounce rate, explained the "too far" the truth for everyone, bounce rate low bounce high rate is not a good thing, may be just for technical reasons. In this period, we see another tool for friends love — especially infraredimages. Look at what thermography in the wisdom of the masses "small mistakes".


, "one picture is better than one thousand words", is exactly the same in website analysis. We love infraredimages reasons, this picture is very clear to tell our users interested in what part of a page, and very intuitive. I had the customer told me: I don’t need what you can give me a good image. I think he must be as easy to read easy to understand images, and full of information, so to add it favour.

so many tools also emphasized the importance of infraredimages naturally or half unconsciously, we are keen to create a better image than the "other" function, so as to obtain more users.

This Retufeibiretu

image may not as simple as we thought. The experts of the earliest image browsing image on the ideas from the behavior of users, in fact, not only to image a website with web analysis, image from the beginning, is a scientific method for serious study of human visual cognition.

So we are not in the

image analysis tools see chart website (click on the map, but the density) refers to the user’s visual attention map. The famous Google image of the red and blue gradient is to describe the user’s attention.

Google is said to use this graph to determine the price of an advertised location, the price on the left is higher than the right, apparently because the user’s attention on the left is far higher than on the right.


so, if we just say "heat maps", we should be thinking of the people attention thermography glasses, rather than clicking the heatmap. In English, eye tracking heat maps commonly used visual image, click on the image is click heat maps, is not the same.

for UE UI website designer, responsible page visual and interactive friends, attention is very easy to use the eye image. >

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