Local site entrepreneurship series business negotiations

Hello, my brother is the grassroots, grassroots cool in the last article we have to build the brand made relatively detailed analysis in this article, the grassroots brother will bring you the site analysis of local business series business negotiations. Prior to this, we need to make sure we are in the local base, will need to support local businesses, including help us to enhance the influence of sponsorship money from businesses and pockets, which requires us to better bargaining with the merchants, to win the favor of business, well, nonsense not say, to the point.

businessmen psychological notice: I what bird you,


boss, to a pack of toilet paper "," 50 Fen "," well, the boss, to "," this is your change, thank you "," the amount of the boss, you can engage in a period of our joint activities, so as to enhance the visibility and influence you? "" activities. What activities? "" well, we are engaged in the Internet, is now one of our home sites, we can mutually beneficial cooperation, "Yo", the Internet, new things ah, hey, you play Internet grass root hair ah, a few days did not wash the mess with the henhouse,? Also, why should I believe you." "Big brother, give me a chance.".." "I bought a watch last year.".." , "what?", "last year I bought a table, bang, a slipper flew out.

early days, we don’t have much influence, the dialogue process may be a true portrayal of our businesses and the negotiation process, in fact, has repeatedly mentioned the grassroots brother, businesses are very pleased to see some tangible things, one of the most important is our influence and visibility, imagine if every customers and businesses have boss mentioned our local site, then we will be in the business heart occupy the important position, amount, others say, than we say more convincing.

besides, if we want to negotiate successfully with the business, we also need to let businesses see the benefits they can get. Usually, we will say to businessmen: "buddy, join us to boost your popularity and boost your sales.". Shit, how shit that if brother is grassroots businesses, grassroots brother will immediately tell you right off, heavy. In fact we can from another angle and businesses to explain, or we can say: the boss, business and business is good, also want to on the floor again? Or do you want to catch up with the trend of the times? Have you noticed that now there are many businesses to catch the Internet Express, you now business is good, because we also engage in the Internet, and we will encourage our users to come here for shopping, you help us, we have to engage in activities, let more consumers to favor you, it might be better, we can try. Well, in fact, we can lower our heads and ask the merchants to give us a chance, at the same time, to induce them to accept our views, and from the point of view of businessmen, they will give us a chance

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