Yan Youpeng talking about projects and funds in Entrepreneurship

to do business students how to choose entrepreneurial projects and funds to control these is one thing for entrepreneurs in the students the most painful, we first summarize why some students want to start but did not dare to take the first step of entrepreneurship.

1. could not find the appropriate item

2. doesn’t have powerful funds,

3. has no partner,

for the above questions I come to you to want to answer but in the choice of friends. Let you better understand your direction, let you know more about how to get out of this confusion, let you know more about what entrepreneurship is.

can not find a suitable project for the friends, I can only say that you don’t pay much attention to observing things around, you will get the attention of life project too much, there are a lot of friends would like to venture may be said that the project is not earned, the project does not make money, then I want to ask you what the project to make money the. Remember that all items are making money as long as we live and catch the project will make money, as long as we live in will consume products will make money, just for the selection of network business friends, I personally recommend local business, rather than the choice of entrepreneurship, if you have a strong team of funds and the choice of entrepreneurship this is optional, if just for the gate of the school and the school is still the friend who wants to start businesses in the choice of business service related to the local life I want as long as you are willing to adhere to, but this is not to confused to see the future, but insisted that if you do not see the future I don’t think you put your goals good location, what industry, what, what projects are people to make money. Therefore, the key choice of the project can not make you confused about the future, confidence in the future, confidence in the project, such a stick, you will have a better chance of success.


without strong financial friends I can only say that by using the data that you don’t understand, if you spend every month in tobacco, wine, entertainment and other spending money, you have no money which I can say is, don’t you have your own good fortune to. Entrepreneurs must not have hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions to thousands of yuan, as long as I want to also be able to conduct business, even a few hundred dollars of business, the key to see if you are willing to choose to go the road of entrepreneurship. Many friends said that hundreds of dollars how to start a business, and last year, while still studying in school, and friends spent 300 yuan, from the wholesale market into a batch of fruits around the school to sell, we cost and the cost of living a week earned down. My friend and I spent 60 yuan in school printed a group of business cards and 40 yuan, played hundreds of leaflets, in school started the sale of electronic products. Earned more than one thousand yuan a week. Well, I think the two examples I just raised are entrepreneurship. If there are friends who say there is no money, I think you are not willing to do it. As long as you like, I think the money will not be a problem, and the funds will be accumulated.

for a friend without a partner, I can only say that you don’t want to find friends around you, and take a serious look at friends around you. In fact, they have many advantages. When you find out, they are very suitable

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