To novice Webmaster do stand, please protect your computer

I’m a halfway decent webmaster, but I am an earnest do stand webmaster, do not waste station friend, since a few days ago I finally happened since the station has been worried about things, a profound lesson for me, is a mistake, although the low level, but it does happen, I think there may also be other webmaster friends will have such mistakes, write out today to remind the new owners attention.

I am 08 years just access to the Internet, from what all don’t know, slowly to their website, the middle of learning a lot of things also collected a lot of data, there are some personal memorable things, in their own computer, because it is a novice, no hard disk backup of the data, one is that not necessary, that information can not be lost. The two is that although people have heard before, but did not put this matter so mind.

because everyone around me doesn’t have a computer, so someone comes to me and uses my computer to get on the internet. In fact, I always hate others in my computer is a QQ, I am more disgusted when I was QQ, others appeared QQ on record, much more mixed, disgusted, I only hope that there are 2 QQ on my own. QQ for me with an exchange of other webmaster friends is very important tool, is more important to me, but other people in general is QQ talking with others so I QQ I can chat more disgusted, like pictures in Tiananmen pictures, but you can’t put stall in the same.


is a novice, but there are also some simple protection knowledge reduction was very common for a key system, so far, my personal level will know this, that this can also be proved, is still relatively safe, but although my website development is getting better and better, I think those data more and more important, so more and more worried about these data corruption, it is in exchange for the time and effort, perhaps may come back from the Internet, but so much time who will compensate me. There is also information of my site, although the site is now things can get in from space, but also not, like a person is very beautiful, if all his clothes off, what is the work material reserve. If I were a garbage dump, it wouldn’t be that important.

but in reality to others when using my computer also feel shy refused, for fear of me with a virus, what happens, especially the lack of knowledge of network of friends, a lot of time to my computer just an something, I am in pain. These things, but always worry about October 2nd finally happened.

October 2nd two, my cousin came to my house, they do not often use the Internet way after the Internet is in the affirmative, they are QQ dress up space, these things now seems to me to be some boring things, do these things with my computer, I think.

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