Do the webmaster Links Lonely Nine Sword

for a long time did not come to support the general chapter of the ADMIN5 today, Shouyang send a small post, a Links choice, the first clear Links significance, Links not to how much traffic from the other station, it is Links friend recommendation, search engines are basically according to this ranking, recommended many people naturally row in front, of course, is a good friend recommended that a search engine wanted K out of the recommendation of a friend you will get a bad reputation.

, do Links and vegetables almost, ha ha, to shout slogans: the basic slogan I use is


video converter,, PR3, Baidu included normal, snapshot latest, keywords row first page, the same type of Web site link.

so very clear description of their web site, each other very convenient.

two, good! Some people find you do link now, how to check his website whether for yourself? Here is the Links Lonely Nine Sword


1, first of all to see Baidu included, in the Baidu search bar enter enter the SIET: domain name, if included more than 10 pages, and the content of the website itself very much that there is a problem, and he do not link temporarily.

2, to see whether the

Baidu snapshot date is recent, if it is a long time ago, that this site belongs to the poor quality of the link, if not hungry do not even him.

3, check PR this everyone knows, GG website rating, go to the website PR value query, see each other PR is how much, less than their own 1 PR case, or acceptable.

4, and there is a case of PR high, but Baidu included and ranking is not good, then I prefer to choose PR low, but Baidu ranked very good site, after all, Baidu occupies more than 70% of the country’s search traffic.

5, Baidu included over 1000 pages of rushing to do him, Baidu snapshot within 3 days, included the normal website also rushing to do with him, the site of the primary key, I like the main website in Baidu search video converter, video converter, sixth bit me on the first page, like this the site is supposed to do link.

6, the other website link is too much, if the other party links more than 50, then the meaning of this station link is diluted, the link is best in 20 or so, is good.

7, the other side of the station was not a false link, called JS, or a program called scrolling display, this is not good, not as much as possible, you can check the web page source code to see if there is the name of the site to find their own character.

8, correlation between content, such as music website to link a website selling motorcycles, so unless there is neither fish nor fowl is high >.

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