Network big movie all the chips, will become a new favorite movie investmentMore than 100 new board

data source: Choice financial database;

Abstract: the purpose of raising all the movie theaters is no less than two points, one is to reduce the risk of funds for the company’s handling of the film, and the two is to raise public awareness of the way to expand the public, so as to expand the box office.

monkey 33 "professional" education company in 24 has been disclosed in the 2015 annual report, the annual average operating income was 140 million 850 thousand, the sales income of 100 million yuan of 8 companies, namely: China figure education, America online, million child culture, Shang Ruitong music shares, yingding times the education, the tax net shares, blue. The average net profit of 26 million 785 thousand, the net profit of the top 5 companies for her education, yingding education, Tong Wenjiao, America online, Shang billion Rui tong. China map education revenue to 1 billion 358 million 850 thousand yuan topped.

compared to the new three board on other industries, the education industry’s price earnings ratio at an average value, relatively high circulation.

new three board two years of speculation is getting more and more fire…

in fact, more and more education enterprises have to get together three new board. This observation as of April 22, 2016, three new board listed company reached 6806, more than the sum of the two stock markets. Among them, the official listing of the new board of education more than 100 companies, in accordance with the classification of listed company management from the enterprise’s main business is business education and education related revenues of the two level, a total of 33 education companies listed on the new board, the classified information company.


2012, the rise of all the movie theaters began to rise. The earliest start is a number of days entertainment media stars, artists of all the chips, to movie tickets as a way to raise returns. But because the film itself is poor quality, did not drive many hardcore fans admission, and ultimately there is no excellent performance at the box office.


2015, the movie "the return" also made the movie all the chips, a total of 89 people involved in the film to raise public investors, total investment of 7 million 800 thousand yuan, the principal and interest totaling 30 million yuan, a large proportion of investment returns, has become one of the successful film to raise public.



of education companies, compared to the deserted overseas markets, overseas trading in the domestic education enterprise valuation is low for a long period, the average PE is about 20, while the domestic capital market, a large number of RMB funds to look at fiercely as a tiger does this education, part of education related businesses more than 80 times earnings, although the new third market liquidity is relatively high however, the capital of enterprise valuation but not stingy. Coupled with the relaxed policy environment, low financial threshold, approval time is shorter, procedures are relatively simple, flexible financing methods and other reasons, further reduce the listing threshold of educational enterprises, and broaden the choice of enterprises.

Ali entertainment treasure launched on the "Quebec pull 3" all the chips, the minimum investment threshold of 100 yuan, the highest 2000 yuan, expected annual income of 7%, 3 days time to complete the 10 million yuan of funds raised. However, the "Kui pull 3" final box office is only about 20 million, did not form the public chips advantage.

uh huh… Today we look at the monkey with a new board of education enterprise financial index, see if you can put out what interesting information, incidentally, we talk about the possibility of the acquisition of listed companies three new board business.

recently, by the well-known red net "Pengfei sister", "CTV network movie Bo wide and Antarctic CO produced the soul of men and women" in the crime film to raise public funds, less than 3 hours to complete the 300 thousand funds expected to raise public. Network big movie all the chips for a while, and become everyone hot topic. Well, in 2016, this new model of the film all chips, whether it will become a new favorite movie investment,

data cut-off time: April 22, 2016


the movie all the chips, get both praise and blame.

movie theaters are also all the chips, the income gap is so big why?

2014, the congregation raised officially become a hot topic on the internet. sh419’s hundred show and Ali entertainment treasure, has launched the film "golden age" and "Quebec pull 3" of the congregation raised. Hundreds of films have been raised for the movie "golden age", with the expected box office between 200 million and 230 million, with a minimum base income of 8% and a maximum return of 16%, but the film ended up at around 50 million.

income of the largest enterprises: China map education

in fact, obviously, participate in the congregation raised the film is not a high probability of profits of the film, on the contrary, are lower visibility, audience groups narrow and plot more literary film. True quality earnings films have been dominated by veteran film companies and will not be made public. The purpose of raising all the movie theaters is no less than two points, one is to reduce the risk of money for the company’s handling of the film, two is to raise public awareness of the way to expand the box office to expand the box office. Project itself is not good, resulting in a small proportion of profits. For some time to come, this situation will continue, the film all the chips, non professional film and television funds must have basic caution.

According to the new three board

benefit from the new three board policy is good, the new three plate education sector developed rapidly, educational enterprises hanging board frequency, profitability is strong, attracting capital from overseas return to the new three board this big cake. However, the listing of the new three board enterprise quality is uneven, the financial situation is also obvious difference. Specific to business indicators, which companies most dazzling


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