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based on the above review, the HKEx intends to improve the listing requirements, the abolition of "stepping stone" mechanism, also launched the innovative board, attract new economy companies to expand the scope of market, allowing mainland enterprises to apply for listing second.

according to the Oriental Wealth Choice data statistics, since 2017, there have been Q154436.OC Tong, shares Q161504.OC and other 5 intends to listed company and listed companies to achieve mergers and acquisitions intentions.


recently, everyone is talking about the HKEx plan to launch the innovation board, but few people will pay attention to the fact that HKEx has to launch an innovative board based on the review of the gem.

new listed company decline in volume, and some listed audit time of up to 1 years, which is in line with the second half of 2016, the new three board listing standards. But it is worth noting that, in the new three board history, there have been more than 30 intends to listed company and listed companies to achieve mergers and acquisitions intentions.

, for example, enterprise integrated supply chain services dedicated to the gold jewelry online Internet platform operators Zhen bao. 201>

the same question, a lot of new three board, is not also to reflect on, or else become second Hongkong gem embarrassing.

a lot of washing station which contain the words of Taobao keyword. For example, some sites say "Taobao beauty products list", "Taobao’s most cattle acne products", "Taobao’s best diet pills" and so on. These words will make search for more specific information, attract more people to visit, but you have not thought about if one day no longer support Taobao CPS ads, your site how to do? I thought about this launch related businesses in the mom, although Taobao customers have not terminated but the title phenomenon occurred during the webmaster have aroused attention. Once your account number is blocked, you can’t get back your reward. It’s a small pain for SEO’s efforts to turn into a pile of digital garbage for days and nights.

entered in 2017, the new three board listing slowdown, as of June 20th, 2017, a total of 1143 companies successfully listed, down 55.28% over the same period last year.

industry believes that the introduction of innovation board in Hongkong, will not affect the A shares, but will have some competition with the new three board, mainly on the market for resource contention. Because the innovation board uses the same as the main board of the bidding system, so when the mainland enterprises to innovation, the motherboard is IPO, financing transactions are no problem. This is very attractive to the new three board enterprises at present.

: a reflection wave of delisting intensified

HKEx launched an innovative board, Hongkong delisting of the Alibaba after the United States listed on the "reflection."".

very few people will pay attention to the fact that HKEx has launched an innovative board based on a review of the gem. The same problem, a lot of new three board also need to reflect".

There is no substance in the

, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange review said, the current gem is highly concentrated in the old economy industries, the lack of growth industry, the current framework does not meet the needs of listed company in the new economy, and after the listing of shares in circulation problems, making the shell, as a springboard to circumvent censorship.

last year, Taobao has become a hot topic in the guest Wangzhuan, a large number of network prospectors are crazy influx of Taobao passenger force, the emergence of a variety of Taobao related website for a time on the network. And these sites have a very important feature, that is, they basically do not have a loud name, all in the long tail keywords do title. The reason for this is simple. The webmaster hopes to optimize the key words with high conversion rate, so as to obtain more orders. However, in the observation of these websites, I discovered some hidden crisis, write down to share the discussion with you.

website, so Internet users can not make a two visit. Many Taobao guest websites use single page to carry on, although the website content is very many, but all is through the software to produce the false original, and the article content after the technical processing, ordinary user is unable to see. Although this approach can fool search engines and get better rankings, but completely ignore the user experience. How can a website that has no practical value for users develop for a long time?

Hongkong gem has been launched in 1999, now has a lot of problems neither dead nor alive.

many personal webmaster are very diligent, those high conversion words after their efforts to rank some even more than the portal station, this site is our cornucopia. As long as careful care, they will bring a continuous stream of wealth for the webmaster!

according to the stock transfer system data, as of June 16th, a total of 732 companies listed in the audit status.

web site products or content to Taobao all the way. Different sites with no substance, such guest station is perseverance, each article is carefully conceived. But the contents are all in line with Taobao. It seems that only Taobao can sell things on the internet. The hidden dangers of this situation are the same as those I have analyzed. Once you have problems with Taobao customers, it will not be a small hassle. In fact, many of the B2C mall on the Internet, and basically open the CPS advertising model, many of which products are more violent than Taobao customers. So when I do stand are focus on the whole network, the highest price of the products in the store, and to serve the users of mentality to complete each original article, this can not only increase the weight, get good rankings, can live with the heart of the user, make the website more promising.

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