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of course, today is not for everyone but the analysis of the current network situation, analysis, intention and feel our network business! Remember to listen to people say that the network business Jiang Xiao first, when it was in high school, said almost! What can I say? Is all good things but a total!, the core is: "free"! You always hear these sounds, you see that he is doing the network, there are many style, as long as there is a network, whenever and wherever possible, he will be able to work, what time to sleep to sleep easily, what time! Money! Also to play now! The voice continued of course, Jiang Xiao hate is the hype means rack! Typical is to pull off! You want to make money by recharge? You might as well go begging to the real and familiar " What "have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, is to pull off the assembly line in fact is wireless, only certain institutions to remind him to do p if people make up, we are not a good clean up, you can only do, is was not so arrogant! Of course, this is Jiang Xiao’s personal thoughts, we look at the

on the line! business get rich investment, in addition to the quality of enterprise projects and entrepreneurs, but also need some financing skills. Before investing in a formal discussion with investors, entrepreneurs need to prepare for four things.

1, ready to respond to various questions

2, ready to deal with investors on the management of inspection

3, ready to give up part of the business


Hello, I’m Xiao Jiang, to share with you today is: "network business you really free?" network business, from my contact with the industry, up to now, almost every day people involved, every day some people lose heart out go, overall, China’s network is toward development of normal form! Standard is more and more strict, more formal, of course, shlf1314 exit, our road network is more and more difficult to go! But the saying goes, the revolution of the car does not fall, then we have to push! If the network world that only a few big companies to carry there, we have to quit, they have to follow out! Because the Internet is a resource integration, and share with the world, to promote our individual owners brought to the entire network, is absolutely unprecedented! < / P>

entered the network, your greatest feeling is: "these two words" insulation! It sounds like an alarmist, but the real network into the circle of people, can feel the point of me! Put together these Jiang Xiao! Please watch

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

I have a problem, what is the same as the story said, drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, but, you don’t mind! The beginning, for every network business owners see! Also welcome to my blog around the network business, is the carrier of countless people’s laughter and tears but tears! For most people, and many people are with the momentum son came to the network, the business is rash and too much in haste, and ran: "free"! With condemning go

points: ask: do you have a middle link of experience? Although we do not love the advertiser! But we can only bear the infamy to midnight went to people forum website! Ah, some small link what! People working life, end >

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