Analysis of the use of high weight of third party blog Shanghai Longfeng strategy

with the current search engine industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, many third party platform are the site operations personnel are familiar with and understand all of the most commonly used there is love in Shanghai know, Search ask, forum marketing, marketing, classified information platform and so on, these are all commonly used several platforms, of course, these the platform will have different features, very good use of these platforms it will undoubtedly be a good role to our website, an article on the < a week; > the author mainly discusses some strategies about marketing, today I share with everyone how to use the high weight of the blog do site promotion and optimization of Shanghai dragon.

first, the choice of the blog. There are a lot of free third party blog for us to choose, here the author mainly introduced several I have been using the high weight blog they are NetEase, blog, and the blog, love Shanghai space, Sina blog, enterprise blog, blog bus etc.. 5 to 10 to.

second blog update. At the beginning of the blog although these weights are relatively high, but if you don’t deal with the final good resources will be wasted away, the author introduces the operation strategy under the high weight of the blog blog, choose is to treat their own websites and good, this is very necessary. And then in the blog has not reached more than 15 articles that do not worry in connection with blog website. First of all, we should slowly develop blog search engine trust on the blog, this is very important. This is the first point of the blog operation. Secondly, high quality articles daily updates. The best original update, you can write some of their own sentiment, or news topics like, if there is no ink inside, you can write some original articles, original articles and the original article is to maintain more than 50% different, not in the beginning will add a lot of articles from the website, pre main blog in order to obtain the trust of the search engine as the core, pay attention to the nature, to increase user experience. Finally, insist on. The blog may be very effort in the early time, or very boring, but does not experience the wind and rain to see the rainbow, insisting that the two words are not the webmaster in adversity slogan? As long as you can hold live above points, believe that the blog was collected completely is not a problem, until the blog to be included in the article to 10 article. Please see below third points, the.

third, connected to the blog article. Every day in the blog on a website to join their related products or news articles, articles that continue to maintain originality and user experience, the first not to add anchor text, such as a blog article on the website are added 8 articles, 3 articles in the article can be. Add anchor text, other articles can remember the connection address at the end, indicate their website, the anchor text proportion control in a certain range, not too much to join the anchor text, the product should pay attention to and other news. "

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