5 note Du Shenghua linkbait determines the success or failure of production

link bait to try, do not have such a word.

In the development of

in recent years in Shanghai Longfeng concept gradually by people with more knowledge, external links means is becoming more and more difficult. This link bait is the development of the times and the emergence of faster and better with more natural and effective link technique. It means creating useful content to attract the public eye, so you can attract more webmasters and bloggers that make them feel worthwhile to give you a link, so you will succeed. Note that in the production process requires 5 aspects:

we all know that a sentence saying the title must be long enough. In fact that title is good enough in the novel, the good article headline you too popular old and useless. Have a good title to the resource type bait link is equal to the half of the success.


has a great effect on the bait and page layout for your target. The first is structured to give a neat appearance, with good easy to read this his initial image can be very high. The second is not to push and share, such as adding a bookmark code bit can collection.

, two natural bait

a lot of people in just to understand the link bait method after immediately try to production, but most of them failed. Some spent most of the time out to do that fairly good bait has no effect. After a long time, many people can not retreat began in a bait, but at this time you will find one of your purpose without any strong the decoy effect was surprisingly good, with wood? Right, this is the so-called natural. Of course, with the purpose of link bait is also a success rate. But is relatively low, you can always do. For a long time through natural accumulation is also quite good.


five, convenient layout

said that your goal is the webmaster and blogger, you walk in front of these master also to conceal the nature of the contents of the advertisement that is not for hanging it. A commercial nature of these stationmaster can natural antipathy. So your bait could not have advertisement nature of things, not to mention the promotion of self products. Is a pure and fun to do.

do you bait in before you have to clear their target? We do the final purpose of the decoy is to do with the number of links. But can give us a link may be the only have their own websites webmasters and bloggers, and some of the more active people online. Then we make when they need to understand the needs and desires. That we should be able to understand. Of course, your own website have heat customer demand is very high then congratulations to you, not hard to do bait.

three, the title of the

four, no ads

, a target.

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