Analysis of new PR4 12 days of reason

also found that 1 of two level domain name, specializing in selling space of a class, the basic flow and not included, so not what impact on the overall situation.

for nearly a week, today a colleague told me that there is a expert website for 12 days to do PR on the 4, I was very curious, who is so arrogant, 12 days in such a short time, how is it possible? Many webmaster at this time, estimation also worry about love Shanghai why haven’t included the first page.. (the URL of the website is not made, this kind of thing we do lose win less, we love Shanghai search under 12 days of PR4 or

PR4, found no other highlights, so he went to see the site Links, found that 3 are no outbound links, links, then the reason is not in the PR4 website.

Then only the

and he also has some posts on the home page is devoted to seduce our webmaster to see, for example: the PR how to rise so fast, how to optimize Shanghai dragon. The >

In addition to

station, three labels are normal, no stack keywords, inside the plate is also very simple, only 5 plates, the number of articles in the comments about 50, at about 150, not what a surprising place. Google included 87 pages, these pages include user registration and the space station. The user space should be included because its website weight is relatively high, so even if not what information can be included directly.

can find God jacket Muzi) No Internet

is very curious, I have to analyze related information website by Chinaz, aizhan, and PR4, other information is as follows: 1, the weight of Shanghai love chain 282, love Shanghai included 1, Google included 87, 3 outbound links, the snapshot is 2011.12.16, domain name age 25 days (founded in November 24, 2011). Daily IP at about 150.

then view the anti chain, no highlights, basically are in the A5 and Chinaz forum irrigation.

analysis to this, they feel very strange, how could such a site PR to 4, whether in Shanghai or love Google, not what flash points, if we say that, may be relatively high original article, no other. But this alone is not likely to make the new PR in 12 days up to 4, so I put this website PR up to 4 reasons: Google PR half months ago update error. Of course, there may be other reasons why I haven’t found.

finally, I think this website were very talented, rely on such an information, frequently in the A5 and CHINAZ forum post, we found that individual stationmaster if strange or compare the research value of the website, basically for web site analysis, analysis of what causes this website so, he took advantage of this, the new station in a few days to about 150 IP.

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