A God a new secret optimization months rose PR2


2: Q & A,

how do I put a just on the line a month of new sites do PR2, ALXEA:91W included 5000+ love Shanghai. Read the data, then the specific process optimization. (domain name is registered in June 15, the website is launched in July 1st)


: website internal link optimization

now Q & a platform, and love Shanghai, ask these link promotion basically is not feasible. This is not restricted and the question and answer. But the problem is the other small and medium-sized Tianya quiz quiz platform reprint probability is quite large, so you can make more chain. (this method is a slightly higher quality problem, not the copy and paste to write their own advertising links to answer others questions the way

three: the purchase of similar sites Links unidirectional links

3: Forum promotion link

what do you mean by this, is to buy the.

1: to the Links platform to release Links exchange information


website to the first thing to do is to check the work of internal links whether there is bad links or dead links, not recommended sites have a lot of internal link errors had submitted to the search engine website. Recommend a gadget: Xenu link detection software. The use of this software to your site above the wrong link check out, then the modified modification, delete the delete.

two: the chain


now Links platform celebrated the release of Links exchange information basically 1 hours is love Shanghai grab, fast 10 minutes or even a few minutes. Release the connection information, appropriate the words you need to do written notes.

is my post release task in pig Witkey network, the first two or three just write original articles, add keywords description text and Web links in the article. The task can be written to 3 articles written above is copied to the PR3 forum posts must be deleted, guaranteed not to be loved, even if the completion of Shanghai included a manuscript, a manuscript for 0.5 yuan. This chain of 0.5 yuan can buy 3 PR3, then 50 dollars can buy 300 a chain, in fact more than 300 buy 50 pieces of the chain, and some articles not according to the task requirement not to pass, such as the release of the forum is not more than PR3.

of course this depends on their own way. I said here under my specific operation.

After the

because of my site is site navigation station, not what the original content at all, just around the web link to do specific optimization.

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