Four months how will do second of the industry website

Last December The second stage: patience

got this website began to study this website up. Don’t know a look surprised, this website for example in my opinion there are many places I did not reach the standard, URL, page title, keywords, description of the layout, the whole framework and other issues. The biggest problem is the URL problem. URL was very confused, no level, URL is a long argument. So I write this website for existing a website revision plan. Because the website I do not add not proficient in the website program so this task to the construction site. Then send them there for a long time without modification. For they are not modified. That time is more painful. The website not changed and there is no way to operate, for a period of time that will do the preparatory work related, such as looking for the chain resources, add code to the site to site statistics, plus 404 error page, to the site of compression. May I write is to modify the plan difficult to implement so there has been no change to the company network. At last it unbearable to do this station manager directly responsible for call people to our company part-time, every month to give him much money, how much money I have not asked the specific. Money makes the mare go, that did the work under my urging website also gradually become the expected effect of.

quit his job in November resting and looking for work, accidentally threw the company resume after the call I interview. Muddleheaded work to the company. The website when time has been one or two months like this, no one before optimization, when I get the site is confused. When I asked what keywords Optimization Manager, the manager may not understand this, just say two words. So I will follow the manager to the keywords to do. I did not want to use the home page to do these keywords, later confirmed that I was thinking is correct. Don’t know how to think of the home page keywords did not put what we need to do but will need to do a keyword to column page layout.


The third stage: .

early I and another female colleague optimization. Colleagues come from the sales department adjusted, so on how to optimize is up to me to teach her how to do. The pursuit of perfection, so one of the things I repeatedly stressed her hair of the chain must be diversified, remember to release a plurality of chain on a website. Do not go to the top post in the forum to get the chain. The fact that my colleagues work is good, she is really as I do. About the optimization of Shijiyiershi day manager told us.

Last October

took a stand for four months it will be an industry second, the bitter only oneself know. Today to share with you some of my experience in the operation of this website at.

The first stage:


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