Google keyword ranking optimization of Shanghai Longfeng factors have

Shanghai can learn their own dragon?

" related content? In a nutshell: keywords related all-round, comprehensive content.

and you will find that the search results appear in the top of the content includes the following contents:

Study of


has been written with the 200 noble baby ranking related factors, but the algorithm of nobility baby is constantly changing, and each of the factors influence ranking different weight ratio. So, if you want to make your website in the user search ranking to the noble baby of the first page of the search results, what are the key factors?


Shanghai, how to do?

According to

is basically if you want to learn or do not understand the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon what people on the first page of the search results, the noble baby will put the things you want to have for you, which is why we hope that their website can appear on the first page of the most noble baby search results in front of several options, because very few users will enter the search results page second, page third to find the information they need.

The content of the website

SearchMetrics, Backlinko, PowerSuite and Serped and the Shanghai dragon? Order, this article tells you 5 have an important impact on the ranking factors:

what is the Shanghai dragon?

is not found, the search results are a bit like Shanghai Longfeng lazy bag? On the first page of the search results mostly tell you what is Shanghai dragon can learn, see this one is enough.

website content is very important for the noble baby ranking, but this is what you know. However, here want to emphasize is that unlike the past rely on keyword search to do the calculus, noble baby has more inclined to search related to the theme of the content, through the semantic analysis of the way users find the needed information.

, for example, when you search for "Shanghai dragon" in the noble baby, "jump out of the search results to see the first is advertising and terminology, because the interpretation of nobility baby when users search Shanghai dragon, people most want to get what is the answer?

What is called "

SerachMertics found in the top 20 search results, only 53% of the sites are using the keyword in the title, and the title of H1 in the input keyword site is less than 40%. The results show that the key words are no longer noble baby only focus on the individual, but according to the correlation of web content search for users.

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