360 comprehensive search crawler spider bid ranking system development

Add 360Spider related code in the robots.txt file

A5 station network August 28th news, yesterday announced the official launch of 360 search search spiders (also called crawlers) – 360Spider. 360 comprehensive search Sina official said that if micro-blog webmaster want their website by 360 comprehensive search included, please check the website robots.txt file will allow 360 search spiders crawl your site content. If the site is not allowed 360 search spiders, as long as in the robots.txt file to add 360Spider code.

related information:

search engine designed to retrieve information "robot" program like spiders in network Palaipaqu, therefore, the search engine "robot" program is called "spider" program.

What is the search engine spider


search engines crawl web pages is mainly by the spider is what we often say that the crawler. The crawler division is not the same meaning, common batch > crawler


according to the latest data show that 360 comprehensive search on the line just more than a week time, relying on the entrance security guards, browser, web site navigation 360’s has been a huge flow, the flow of more than second previously ranked sogou. In the search business directly with the love of Shanghai competes. 360 comprehensive search in the product is not mature and not eager to develop their own independent search engines, but the search needs of users at the same time submitted to love Shanghai, Google, a plurality of search engine results are optimized after the results show on the same page. Through the entrance advantages accumulated over the years to attract traffic, and to improve the search engine technology, the development of more mature products. The launch of 360 search spiders will be more perfect, the search engine algorithm and ranking system, attract more attention 360 webmaster integrated search and optimization, according to the corresponding access flow.

from the previous love Shanghai, the success of Google, the search engine in the huge traffic, search engine advertising will be the best way to flow. The previous 360 has launched a marketing platform for the site navigation and other products. "The first Economy & Finance Weekly" broke the news that the Qihoo 360 has developed its own internal search PPC advertising system, also in the recruitment of search advertising channel agents. A5 Yue Huai marketing (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/) also said 360 comprehensive search to obtain a certain flow at the same time, it will develop its own web site navigation based on the original bidding system on PPC system and love Shanghai compete in the competition for the ordinary Internet users at the same time, seize the personal webmaster and enterprise user market.

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