According to Shanghai dragon optimization and web application and perfect user experience

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Web interface design

now pay attention to good-looking, especially some of the traditional old enterprise "

1, web application environment


optimization and web application and perfect user experience. Now some customers need a website to look good, do not care about the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization; some care website of Shanghai Longfeng website design optimization, don’t care too much about the quality of the interface; of course the most or the website should not only look good, but also to take care of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, eventually can bring better flow, better promotion of enterprise. In fact, the enterprise wants to achieve the purpose of publicity, can bring the best method of flow or program environment, programming, web design, optimization of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge perfectly, at least take the maximum of considering the range required, as far as possible to take care of. How to optimize the website of Shanghai dragon and website design and how to combine them? And website program together? Look at the financial letter Xiaobian to recommend several matters needing attention.


3, website interface design

of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and web applications and perfect user experience

website security perspective or open web pages from the stability and speed, we recommend using the Linux server system, recommended the use of Ali cloud independent server, conditional can add a CDN accelerator. Specifically from the server’s physical geographical region, is also very important, such as the letter of financial website server with ALI cloud server in Hangzhou than in Beijing to a lot of Ali cloud server. Physical Hangzhou near Hefei. The network type selection of classical or special nouveau riche can choose the latter. The higher the storage space and high broadband. Why is there a recommendation server? Now we PC station and M station are set up, if you are a virtual host, then you will build M station to buy a virtual host. If the server, you not only don’t need to buy a M host station, and can prevent a lot of PC station and M station in the server, very convenient. In addition to the most important place for you great help in the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai Longfeng combined with

Whether it is from the

language environment, we recommend the use of PHP language version, PHP5.4, 5.6 may. To tell you a little common sense, the more the higher the next version level, security is better, at the end of the number 2, 4, 6 such that even the more stable version. A programming language with PHP language, pseudo static to Shanghai dragon and server are relatively good, the Asp language can be completely abandoned, some enterprises in order to reduce the cost is still in use. Asp for Shanghai dragon can only use pure static, the Shanghai dragon best, is not good for the server. And the company website or even use.Net language, this is not to engage in. The environment is not recommended to use the Windows language, it is not recommended to use more.

web programming language

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