Love Shanghai sitelink released to the individual stationmaster pointed out the direction

so, how can we reach this point? "If you come up with a large number of high quality content, a large number of high quality chain" and other words, no one is willing to look at estimates. Then I would say some data that the bar is very practical. First of all, included in the lowest, and no more than 10 thousand, I believe this point can give many people a certain degree of confidence. Secondly, the content quality, although high quality content has obvious advantages, but I can clearly tell you that some web content have almost completely original, all is to copy, it is estimated to have again, as cheerful as a lark? In Shanghai love chain (I mean the domain check out) at least, only about 50 thousand, although this number looks quite scary, but familiar with the webmaster should understand that this number to achieve, is not a very difficult thing. Finally, say that these sites stand age, the younger one, now about 4 years time, is not new, but still not a particularly old station.


sees some of the above figures, can bring some confidence to many webmaster, although the love of Shanghai sitelink is very rare, but through the efforts to achieve this very personal website. Of course, this may require you to have perseverance adhere to a few years, but at least the personal site is almost impossible to get sitelink "this result is much better, is

first, we can determine is that personal website wants to get love from Shanghai sitelink low difficulty, well-known blog, I often see only the Moonlight blog only award. But often study in the author’s field, but some personal websites are a significant number of love Shanghai authorized to get the sitelink. Thus, personal website sitelink although difficult, but this is definitely not what impossible task. And once to get sitelink, then it brings to your website is self-evident.

so, love Shanghai launched sitelink is a good news for the station, but the majority of individual owners did not need to get disheartened, we can use it as a goal, strive to make their websites become a well-known site in the industry, with more than a full content with >

not long ago, love Shanghai officially launched sitelink, many famous sites in Shanghai love status is more stable, easier to get traffic. In contrast, the personal website of the living space was further squeeze flow so much, the station cut off more traffic, so personal website to get the natural flow of some of the less. For a time, many owners feel the sky more dark, personal website more difficult to survive. However, it is always divided into two sides, in my opinion, love Shanghai sitelink at least the direction for us role.

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