Buy links need to be cautious and more strict to have better effect

first, start from the site correlation. Most websites Link in the transaction, both correlation is very poor, so we will act in a diametrically opposite way, specifically to find some similar themes with their own website to buy links, so the effect is certainly better. The correlation is high, plus the other is high weight, but also home to one-way links to you, the effect is not good impossible.

link trading is not a long history, the rise of large-scale things only in recent two or three years. Had to rely on their own conditions is difficult to exchange links to high weight website, simply to simply Yilian money, enough money to give you a high weight website one-way links. This link effect is very obvious, many websites also rely on the purchase of high weight links to a large number of obtained ranking and benefit is very ideal.

means that the link is not feasible to buy? Not so, it is like one foot in mind, we still have a way. As long as the local search engine for the start, the opportunity is still a lot of.

secondly, looking for links sold fewer sites. In general, the search engine judge a website is not selling links, a reference standard, is to look at the site of the outbound links to. If the outbound links are one-way links and is not related to the site, so that a search engine will think that these links are forms of transactions. So we should choose to sell as much as possible links to fewer sites in this site link is the best and most Links, only a small part of the link is for sale.

finally, we can also consider from the trading channel. Buy links from more covert channels there would be much safer. For example, the local search engine such as QQ group is not to see. What >

In fact,

again, can be considered for the sale of the website links added back to the chain. Since the link trading is almost all one-way links to each other, if you also add a link, then this is formed in fact Links, and Links in search engine where is reasonable and legitimate, and will not be penalized by search engine. And your site to a high weight on their own website, there will be no loss.

only, this is clearly contrary to the Internet transaction link link to the original spirit, but also because the website sellers are usually different between no relationship, which has brought great distress was not related to the two website to the search engine ranking, but because the website weight sell link is too high, the weight is still going to buy links to sites of high transfer. So this search engine is undoubtedly hated, has been trading in the rectification link under the ruthless hand. Due to relatively large link trading platform is the webmaster of the search engine is for having heard it many times, clear in mind, because you want to find web sites that sell links is a very easy thing. Several recent PR update also shows Google hit link transaction determination, so some action to love Shanghai.

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