Ecshop special optimization 5 skills to share

5. we note the following article. Can also be inside these folding panels added to these articles inside this page Keywords: for example, 2012 new CONVERSE, then add links to the project page, as shown below:

1. in the position of the navigation on the topic name with H1 tags, as shown in figure


today, I will introduce some ECSHOP project page optimization techniques, we all know the general can do three to four popular keywords can be, but we want to do some hot words, how to do? Yes, in addition to the column page, ECSHOP page is a good topic the choice oh. Take a look at me for a few tips we recommend.

2. in the special topic of all goods in front of call names, such as you do CONVERSE 2012 new canvas shoes of this project, CONVERSE is the 2012 new canvas shoes of all goods, and add H3 tags.


three laminated surface panel can add H tag properly. Random article can make this page of search engine is fresh and other special folding panel, you can add other topics, strengthen the special recommendation before and so on Internet, the chain is very helpful. The following diagram (after expansion):



through the above five steps, the topic will be accomplished, in theory, if you do these things, not the chain, should also have a good ranking, if we do the chain, the ranking should be very ideal. You can imagine if we do around 100 such topics, a special day brings five or six traffic, it is very objective, I hope you can help


3. in the special page denomination commodity below calls out the commodity item, this is to increase the key time for the keyword density, more natural random distribution. I mean we can be changed into special keywords goods number to be optimized, so that you can debug keyword density. Please look at the red font position below:


This is a

4. in all the goods below to add three folding panel, as shown below (closing time):

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