The web is the only way which must be passed Shanghai Longfeng for beginners

fourth, on the relationship between station and Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon cannot do without a station, built the site without Shanghai dragon is not, can say the establishment and optimization of the website of Shanghai dragon is about.

third, Shanghai Longfeng elementary knowledge there are basic contents in the building of practice for learning. The establishment of the basic knowledge to learn to understand, if combined with open source, for it is enough. Because it can achieve the optimization for the station.

recently when listening to the lily of Shanghai dragon YY voice class, always someone asked the site erection as Shanghai Longfeng beginners the only way which must be passed of such problems, which makes Shandong Shanghai dragon, unremitting, don’t learn web is really the only way to learn the Shanghai dragon? Now Shandong Shanghai dragon think this problem with you share their experiences so long time about the relationship between the web and learning the experience of Shanghai dragon, perhaps for the majority of beginners help or inspire Shanghai dragon.

Shandong Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng learning experience, also began to face the problems mentioned in this article, the teacher, learning not to Shanghai dragon energy in the station, I was on this view as everyone else questions, such as: Shanghai dragon is not a station for the site, where about Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon? Need to adjust the website source code, do not understand the station, then the source code modification is not empty?… etc…. There are a lot of questions such as. But no matter what kind of question is actually the site most probably it did not actually happen and Shanghai Longfeng artificially tied together, no matter how you explain, for beginners, the heart is always a knot. Wait to master certain basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon when we slowly discovered that the original question is how the excess and childish. No wonder the teacher put down the sentence, do not want to do too much to explain, the reason is very simple, and listen to the Shandong Shanghai dragon slowly come with you.

full name is the search engine optimization, since it is a search engine optimization, then the study content must not build a website, or at least the main learning content is not only closely related to a station, and station, because there is no website Shanghai dragon, which is inevitable.

second, modern Shanghai dragon would not necessarily require on site. That is to say, not a station does not affect the learning of Shanghai dragon. Now the construction site is mostly used program station, and n the source program, and most are free, upload and operation are very simple procedures, as long as you can practice more quickly with the program, built a very beautiful site, the next thing is Shanghai dragon, so simple. Of course, if necessary, you can also ask a station, the cost is not high, generally around 500 yuan will be able to build a very good website.

first, Shanghai Longfeng not site

Shanghai dragon

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