To learn how to let the website optimization in the title win


4. product, this is relatively easy to use compared to the popular industry. Because some people didn’t even heard of your products, so for this series of products. As long as you choose.

someone will ask, not to enter the home page keywords done? Why do not line? We do statistics can be found, eighty percent are effective customer first three lure. So in the competition, we need to pay attention to what matters to keep our

2. We do not love to do popular keywords, because such words do very tired, but also a long time. Because of this popular word even if we do it with our goal far.

1. for the user needs analysis. We analyze the needs of users can clearly understand that the search keywords to enter our website is not the real needs of users, whether we truly meet the needs of users, thus losing the real users.


webmaster friends are very understanding, for the importance of optimizing website title. Many friends will ignore the positioning of new online problems often. There is a saying that good, the direction not to be wasted, if we start positioning wrong, then no matter how well you do all the details of the site is in vain. How to locate the site title? Today is for everyone to bring specific practices Website Title positioning.

3. to confirm the keyword bidding. Although I don’t approve of you to do the bidding, but the auction can help confirm website target keywords us good accuracy, which we consider ourselves.



analysis: first target keywords to confirm the ultimate goal of our

1. if the enterprise itself has a reputation, you can use the enterprise’s own brand slogan to locate the site title


2. free set, which is very popular, free things everyone love, it will attract the attention of everyone

Why is Keywords competition dynamics analysis of

second: how to put the key to the first three


3. the rational use of the drop-down menu to set the love of Shanghai. This is a recessive demand, for example some people search the European style buildings, others search for European architectural drawings, as long as your site do these two points, is attracting a number of additional

through the analysis of target keywords to confirm our ultimate goal correctly? Because the analysis in small by many owners view, many webmaster website ranking is not ideal with the website keywords set off a train track point. The ultimate direction is totally different. How to analyze the target keywords can be divided into three steps:

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