The new Shanghai dragon optimization work

5, submit: when your website is ready, we should begin to submit, each big search engine submission entrance. At the same time we started the construction of the chain, outside the chain of the new station should not be too much, but should be stable, recommended daily increase of 5-20, then slowly increase the amount of.

above is some summary, hope to Shanghai dragon new > optimization

1, in the construction site before, we need to consider the good domain name, the domain name is best associated with your brand keywords, such as our chain website domain name is the "Valley chain Valley" in pinyin, with favorable in the optimization of brand keywords. The best brand keywords, with one of the most important key words, such as: the chain. The domain name is the best choice of top-level domain name:贵族宝贝.Net.Org this kind of. The domain name must be a new domain name, there are a lot of old friends to register this domain, there is a certain risk, if the old domain name has been search engines over K, then we get him to the construction site, is unfavorable for the optimization of the late.

in the search engine algorithm updates the time for the new station, Shanghai Longfeng optimization more and more difficult, but we have to do to minimize the Shanghai dragon, after all, this can give our site to bring more traffic, and the cost is very small compared to the bidding. After years of experience in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the chain can share the valley today, the railway station should pay attention to what matters to the late Shanghai dragon optimization preparation. The following summarizes several points:


space: the space is directly affect the site access speed, we need to choose a fast space in the construction site before. The response speed of the search engine on the web is very picky, if your site for a long time are not open, it is certainly not. Also taking into account the stability of the space, the speed of light is not enough, have to have a stable, do not be cheap to buy space, try to find some high-profile providers to buy, if you do a website, three days to two days to visit, they might have to be search engine K off.

2, Domain name: The


4, before we have not submitted to the search engine, we must enrich their good website content, but also to ensure that the whole is not easy to modify. If the search engine in the review period, your website began to modify action words, it is very unfavorable for the Shanghai dragon. To be stable, to enrich the content, and then slowly increase after the submission.

3, the website program: there are many open source web application is very good, and has good structure for Shanghai Longfeng optimization. There are a lot of friends is to write procedures, suggestions on the home page more update call some kind column, let website content update can timely display in the home, because home is the love of Shanghai transfer gate throughout your website crawling, page must do. But also to consider the user experience.

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