The reason and solution of the site optimization excessive

solution: Web site keywords to appropriate arrangements, the title should not be too long, if the site has been punished to reduce the number of keywords in the title, keywords dilution of website content, cancel the blackbody, such as soft content should be natural, can be appropriate to keywords, but not in order to optimize the content regardless of the abuse of keywords, lost user the website is not popular search engine. Web site for the comprehensive optimization of keywords is not required, if the title tags, keywords and description tags, H1, H2, bold, export link text, picture alt attribute, "the first paragraph of text, text, text internal anchor and so on are optimized, plus other Shanghai Long Fengyin, then the site is likely to exceed the search engine stand limit and be punished. General site keyword density in 4-5% is appropriate, the higher the density of the greater the risk.

1.: excessive keyword stuffing is important keywords to optimize the site, this is the website users find clues, but if the website key over stack, a search engine that will sites are suspected of cheating, this website is likely to be punished. Key words mainly in the title, keywords and description, these places are the entrance of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon website at the beginning of may not be what the problem, but with the rich content of the website, the stack will be more obvious degree of keywords, excessive keyword stuffing can easily lead to trouble. In addition, a web site if the keyword density is too high, will be considered cheating.

2. the chain grew too fast: some webmaster too impatient, always want to eat a fat one, a short time to do a lot of the chain, in order to improve website weight even willing to spend money to buy links, etc. to achieve the effect after stopping the new link. Intelligent search engine is, may enhance the site weight short time so jumped outside the chain, but more likely to cause the search engine of doubt, such troubles came along.

is the following 4 reasons and site excessive optimization solution:

solution: a website especially new sites may not have so much attention, so the chain growth can not be so fast, so my site outside the chain of to maintain uniform growth, the quantity is not too large, such as a railway station, you can increase the weekly 2-3 Links, increased 20-30 in the chain of large-scale industry related websites, to this slowly develop, website weight will gradually improve, not impatient.

each stationmaster attached to the Shanghai dragon, whether new old station in Shanghai Longfeng on mustering the strength but we often find that not work a harvest, we sometimes do a lot of work only to find the Shanghai dragon website is search engine punishment!, right down to the lower ranking many websites have appeared, this is the so-called excessive optimization, then what kind of situation will lead to excessive optimization? Optimization over the site should be how to revive? Here are the owners of some of the recommendations to you.

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