The webmaster should pay attention to love Shanghai user voting system

the webmaster to do now is Shanghai dragon head low, doom in the original news and the chain website, still with that content is king, the chain for the emperor’s idea persisted, then Xiaobian today to introduce the latest analysis of Shanghai is the best natural ranking user voting system!

is the first thing I have to say, the past is not the optimization method can be abandoned, although in the past we do optimization in the way now might lose effectiveness, but after all, we used optimization method is also sorted out the pioneering work of the essence, so for some key words search volume index is not high, not many the website still can be used after the way to do.

what is love Shanghai user voting system analysis, is actually very simple. In the top three keywords entered the website page, it often brings some user clicks. This is not entirely on the website of the chain can help the Webmaster Help keywords to ascend to the top three positions. Really can help you make your web site keywords to the top three positions is the love of Shanghai user voting system.

small just to the structure of the web site has made some small details of the changes, to understand what the small industry user needs, provide what I give these users. Then the user will naturally give me a good voting website. On the other hand, a click on your website found is entirely in order to do optimization design of the website, then the user to your site is definitely a bad review. A small amount of the poor will not have much impact on your website may have. But once you have the difference > Website

then some Adsense will ask us, what is the latest optimization method? Small actually to say a sentence to understand: in fact I do not know, love Shanghai algorithm every day in the update and change, just change and update the amplitude of different sizes, big love is called sea big update, small it is simply called love Shanghai database unstable fluctuation. So Xiaobian can explain to you is in the website keywords into a user voting system in Shanghai before the three page analysis of love.

Xiao Bian here to give you an example, if a web site below small make up in a half of the love of Shanghai has reached the top five keywords, the distance to the target in the top three in only one step away. So small is how to operate it? The fact that the site early, small by a large number of sites outside the chain and website construction, make the site small in about a month to quickly reach the weight of the website 1, the site has the weight, ranking rose very rapidly, almost on the site 3 days will be placed into the top three. So after entering the first three pages, this time to do the chain and useful news? Clearly tell you that this time again do the chain and news from the role to have very little. Don’t believe can try to look at, I think the site into the natural search results before the three page has not enter the home page or in the top three of the webmaster There are plenty of people who.

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