Why website snapshot keywords ranking ranking first in April 12

love Shanghai Google recently are awesome, have large update, but many websites still don’t affected by the recent discovery of a optimized customer station, whether it is love or the website included snapshot of Shanghai were not affected the algorithm change, always maintain a snapshot in April 12th, but also remain in the keyword ranking the first has been more than three months time, but from this love Shanghai Google update at the same time, Google’s impact is relatively large, because it pr up to 2, below why this website snapshot indifferent, and can keep the keywords.

high weight website if long not update will affect the weight of the website, and for a client station, cannot talk about what weight, because the webmaster friends have a clear mind, our main purpose is to put these words make up. Now many webmaster have such an idea, is to make up words, not how to maintain, even for a very long time to pipe it, keywords ranking still does not fall, this is your idea, it is not realistic to spend too much time on the client site, I it is when the keyword row up, to maintain, which is obviously love Shanghai soon to update the snapshot, updated to April 12th, now still stay at that time, even love Shanghai algorithm have a big change, still keep the snapshot.

Although the Although Keywords

in the station of the quality and the quality of the chain is the most important part of Shanghai dragon, the weight of the website keywords ranking first in the long-term reason cannot do without the website. For this site, in the station of the updates are well written on their own, while not entirely their own written, but also by the high quality pseudo original; and for this the chain, with a soft, high weight website to contribute, the quality of the chain is much higher than those of forum and blog now, many websites can send the chain site, have become very rampant, not what the quality, soft, the chain can not be the same, as webmaster friends often go to the two station network Chinaz and A5, are to own a word to write, but also need to have quality must through. I want to row long according to the key words in the first place cannot do without quality should stand inside and outside the chain.

, a website is not updated frequently lead to snapshot not update

keyword can be maintained in the first position for a long period of time, but also had to admit that these are less competition, but there are still customers words, like the Wuxi murals, the word to find relevant results about 1520000, Wuxi painting to find relevant results about 1450000, are some of the more popular keywords. And for the customers what they want is to have a conversion rate, if some popular keywords do go up, but not business, "

three, less competition to keep keyword ranking

two, stand inside and outside the chain of quality to survive the weight of

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