Google search results only 13%

Harris wrote in a blog post, he used a Google search for "mechanic", and the page of search results were analyzed, the number of pages on each part of the contents of occupied pixels and estimates. He estimated that the search results page is actually only 13% pages showing the organic search results. Organic search results refers to the natural search results based on keywords to, not including advertising.

Harris is the focus of the research on the search results page first screen (above the fold) ", this part does not need to scroll can see. Harris found in the Google search results page first screen, only 13% pages showing the organic search results, another 29% pages are the Adwords, 14% Suites is the navigation bar, 7% page is Google map of the local search results.

Beijing on July 9th news, according to foreign media reports, the online tutoring website Tutorspree co-founder Aaron · Harris (Aaron Harris) study found that the use of Google (micro-blog) effective search results can only get 13%.

Harris also to the Italian restaurant "as keywords for another search test. This time, he estimated that only 7% of the space show organic search results. Harris also found that Google on mobile devices using search results worse. When he search on mobile devices Italy food "," the first screen showing the organic search results was 0%.

Harris found again that Google has deviated from the search engine on the road to go too far. "Google has to design their own interests seriously inclined. In the first six months of 2012, the Google Corporation’s advertising revenue is higher than the sum of all print media advertising revenue.

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