Focus on small details make new fast was included in Shanghai love

railway station is not so smooth, as we all know, the new line will go through a period of love in Shanghai period, the length of time can be short or long, because many owners do not pay attention to some details, resulting in their new sites was collected after a long period of time. So, what do the details of what can let love Shanghai fast included your site? Here I come to you and share three simple I think is to pay attention to the details.

when our website content rich, we must release the chain to make proper love of spiders in Shanghai pay more attention to our website. In this work, many webmaster will enter a misunderstanding, think outside the chain of the rapid release of more, can let the spider love Shanghai more frequently crawling their site, the site included speed. In fact, this is not Science >

details: three new sites to the high quality of the chain, and the vast number of garbage chain

details: love Shanghai statistics is a double-edged sword, does not recommend the use of pre


chain of the era of the past, but can not deny that, we optimize the site or release the chain to the rankings. This thinking is right, but I think that the new station should not do so. Because, without a website content, for the love of Shanghai spiders and users are empty and useless, therefore, the suggestion is that the webmaster can edit two articles every day in the new station, depth of a pseudo original, a collection, but don’t add too much of the anchor text, such as love Shanghai the article really included to add, otherwise easily lead to love Shanghai to anchor text sensitive reaction, elongated love Shanghai period.

To understand the operation principle of

details: two new sites, enrich the content is always better than the chain

we love Shanghai. Statistics. Love is the principle of Shanghai statistics, the code is embedded on the site, and then let the love of spiders in Shanghai to extract traffic data to the site every day, and then reflect the love of Shanghai statistical data sheet. This will make our new monitor completely exposed to love Shanghai spider, website when we make a mistake, there are some imperfect elements or website, will let the love of spiders in Shanghai has become very sensitive, which may have questioned the site included in the site, long time, this The loss outweighs the gain.. Therefore, I still suggest you choose other new Adsense pre statistical traffic tools, websites such as stable, perfect to use love Shanghai statistics.

love is a love from Shanghai statistics Shanghai dedicated to the webmaster site traffic statistics and the development of software, many webmaster are preferred as the monitoring site traffic tools, but I suggest you Adsense launch don’t use love in the new Shanghai statistics.

with the rapid development of Internet, more and more people begin to use a pot of gold in the Internet market to earn their own life, so almost every day there are countless new on-line operations, the new station included naturally become the focus of attention of the webmaster.

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