Novice Shanghai dragon every day what should be done

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view data, the first thing is to update the site (Ps: article update best a fixed time, which is beneficial to the search engine fixed time to capture content, form a habit). For the 2 update, I believe we all know to be original, absolutely original, search some information, and then write their own articles, with default good keywords, form a habit.

, a keyword ranking changes

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my personal habits every morning to open the computer, the first thing is to open the webmaster tools to check the keyword ranking, the main keywords, long tail keywords have what change, then do excel form. So you can understand the website keywords ranking, to do other things. Keywords statistics the main purpose is to further the development of good site analysis.

four, love the Shanghai index and statistics to find new keywords

update, love Shanghai search new keywords about the web site through some tools, so time to update the article content can be used, "

many new Adsense may be lost, go in this forum, look at the Post Bar, get some chain, in fact, their hearts are not the end point, as a novice came, I experienced these, do not know why the day every day, just aimlessly in the hair of the chain and update the article, then use the tool to view the site, discovered that in fact is not what color, there is a little bit better, very excited. In fact, Shanghai dragon is a very careful thing, to observe the subtle changes, but also the effect of days and months multiplying is not a day, can do much better, guizaijianchi. We need to think about how to deal with in the confusion after the search engine changes, changes in response to the competitor’s website, more user experience to change. In fact, there is no reasonable arrangement is the biggest concern novice Shanghai dragon. Some experience about the author of the following.

will be standing with love to analyze the chain quantity change site (Ps: love station relative to the webmaster tools called fast update) included, IP and PV. You can see the change of the chain site data, analysis of the changes of the chain of record. Then in a timely manner through the number and included sections, and then analyze what sites are of high quality (Ps: mainly depends on what type of search engine love article) as my home business network generally included the story more, so I can understand the search engine more love story type. To do a good job form, changes in the number of records included the number and the chain.

two, included the chain flow and PV

for webmasters (especially Ps: novice webmaster), I want to know what are you doing every day? Update the article, made outside the chain, then you can do, or say at this site on the web site copy, reprint, becomes your


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