Mobile search to continue to develop its focus should be placed on where


however, along with the challenges of network video on traditional media, love Shanghai held PPS resources must be good for their own development, but the resources in the process of application, we must pay great attention to user experience. Not only that, mobile search port points rate is much lower than the PC end, according to estimates of the former was 0.5% and 5% respectively, if in the use of network video too much emphasis on business, so the final result is bound to lose you as can be imagined, wife of another soldier.

mobile search to simply rely on the game or video revenue does not work, then the future of mobile search product should rely on what way or ways to achieve their business growth? I think if possible, mobile search business or product development based on software, mobile search as a function of the instead of the whole product model, because in the software application system function more and more in the future, the role of search words must be weakened, so in the search for R & D >

In addition to other

facing the impact of software in the development of mobile search, in search of liquidity is also worth mentioning. Because the display effect is limited to the interface, mobile search in the bidding advertising business is difficult to extend to the mobile terminal. Since then, the search for work, some manufacturers began to focus on the game or mobile video. But the problem is still there, as the game revenue, the launch point is still with the software platform to download, but in today’s diverse application platform, without star products, it is difficult to play out their own game. In addition, in the market game better is NetEase and search dogs, but they have their love as a gaming platform, Shanghai and other dedicated to mobile gaming platform vendors, the difficulty is not small.

according to the available data, love Shanghai leading group in the mobile search is still in. But in the mobile application in the future is very difficult to search as a separate application, instead of the WeChat platform of APP. That is to say, use love Shanghai in the mobile search is often limited to third party software, if WeChat or UC will set the default search application for love outside Shanghai third party, then the love must be a huge blow to Shanghai. So, when the love of Shanghai to see the bright data, should do not celebrate, but think carefully about how to get rid of the restrictions of other platforms next step, which is obviously the biggest problem facing the current mobile search.

recent data show that, as a leader in the desktop search love Shanghai, mobile search still occupy a strong position, its market share reached more than 30 percentage points ahead of second place should be found around 13%. For frequently crashed in the mobile market like Shanghai, is a rare good news. However, it is the data itself, love Shanghai if you overindulge with this, some benefits for the future development of no strategic adjustment. Because the prospect of mobile search is not so bright, at least I think so.

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