Shanghai dragon combat chain Soso Ask


believe that many webmaster friends, all love Shanghai search "to quickly increase the site outside the chain like information, often appear in the search results are for having heard it many times the increase of the chain method. But still, blog, BBS signature, etc.. If we go to search for "thief acquisition chain increases, there is often told us we can use some Q & a platform for the rapid increase of the chain. It is the principle, Search ask the question and answer, and so on is a thief acquisition station collection source, so your Search ask the question and answer left links through these acquisition program station number of these links within a short period of time can turn on a few times. But, is it really

first, use Search ask platform, adopt two ways to try to leave the chain. The first is that some account to some account, used to answer questions. Second, with links to answer users’ questions. Control the number of 3-6. The second day, the query site outside the chain included by domain:www.***贵族宝贝, the effect is very obvious, the use of several Search ask the chain, not only left Soso Ask the links page was collected, and, since the thief acquisition program to Search ask collection, can be found in a number of different links to web site. Here, many friends will use the thief program acquisition station for the chain effect are good. Ha-ha。

Shanghai, the most important is the need to combat, each site is not the same, others speak of it is the actual effect of others website, we need to take their own website to verify, combat.

sure enough, third days, continue to use the domain:www.***贵族宝贝 command, the query changes in the site outside the chain, could not find the thief yesterday by Search ask the chain acquisition program platform to do. Of course, the main reason is the love Shanghai algorithm update, the quality of the chain is greater than the number of.


, a more obvious problem, the thief program acquisition station, are some very low quality website, website of the advertisements, and such website using the thief collection procedures the main purpose is to keep the site updated, but the quality of the site itself can be said to belong to "dump" and so on. We all know a truth, a high quality of the chain like dozens, even hundreds of low quality of the chain, and the use of the acquisition program acquisition Q & a platform to increase the chain, is simply to increase the number of the chain, and the chain, as long as the love of Shanghai to adjust the algorithm. The chain is left in these sites, suddenly didn’t record, caused by the empty situation.

increase the site outside the chain is a long-term work, do the Shanghai dragon fight is the construction of the chain and meticulous, quality, a web site outside of the chain number, in fact the content decided by the website itself. So do the content carefully. A new station, do not think of how to start a large increase in the chain of Web site, improve the site keywords ranking. But forever to website content, >

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