Site optimization chain construction outside the three kings

blog chain now but has always been one using the third party platform, the independent blog chain construction scene, the current momentum of rapid initiation of the independent blog, many fresh profit model, while the chain blog is one. The third party blog platform has been the site of Shanghai Longfeng to optimize the use of means, but this blog registration and updates are relatively easy, and ongoing maintenance, the effect is almost no, so the update is more weight, the best is to build up the chain blog blog as well, such as the sprocket, there will be the most ideal state to improve the weight of the main station, blog whether new or maintenance advice for someone check on

forum outside the chain than I understand more, the forum number over one million, PR weight generally between 2-6 majority, for the website optimization plays a role not to be ignored. According to the current understanding of the forum outside the chain prices are rising, essentially flat in a 2 yuan. This is the chain to release based on another restriction of the forum also increased a lot, which makes a lot of the chain is released, for example, each station has a 50-100 high weight forum chain of words, every month can create about 200, maintain again this month, will maintain a forum the post, each carefully reply a post, there is basically release the valuable content, do the chain, so that the chain is the most valuable.


said the role of the soft only have value in the brand, the chain is not the author put fine timber to petty use, so that, as the promotion of soft widely, a nature has her advantage, soft Wen contribute to create the chain, the owners understand her natural advantage and efficient, a good quality a soft reprint is the objective of the construction of the chain, but also the objective, but many webmaster soft writing has improved it, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization knows a little soft for the optimization that is like a fish in water, eliminating the manual construction of the chain, the chain of the soft mode is a long-term persistent style, the effect is very good, perhaps also to love some soft news in Shanghai and other places, it is very popular for search engines.

chain is our website must work, in addition to Shanghai dragon more hard, more tired of the work, so the chain work of many enterprise website are outsourced to an individual or group to do, such as the chain work is outsourced to Shanghai City Longfeng Mo Xiang Zhao team to do, the chain has a very important position for the site, when the site forming, content maintenance, construction of the chain has become the necessary things, so the chain construction is how to effectively stabilize it, let us look at


site optimization chain construction is the most value chain: King forum

We believe that

site optimization chain construction is the most stable King: the chain blog

site optimization chain construction is the most efficient King: soft outside the chain of


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