The B2C website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques.

some people to see the Shanghai Dragon technology is particularly complex, that only very professional people to complete, and the need to invest large sums of money, in fact, as long as the enterprises in the following aspects, that can achieve satisfactory results, and do not need to pay any high costs.

when a site 809% of traffic from search engines, Shanghai Dragon technology pushed to the desktop, the main purpose is to increase the key characteristics of Shanghai dragon exposure to increase website visibility, thereby increasing sales opportunities. Simply by Shanghai Dragon technology, makes the same case, the enterprise website search keywords in the search engine results, website ranking, so that more potential customers for the first time to see the enterprise website.

one thing is for sure, there are many excellent open source B2C shop system on the market at present, the domestic injection of ECSHOP, SHOPEX, foreign ZenCat, the largest online system is a kind of open source (free access), but also provide some very beautiful template, but the greatest the website system is also the shortcomings of open source, Ren >

when the enterprises to develop their own foreign B2C website, the first thing to think about is how to rely on the site for a "good" domain name, it can be said that the good domain is the enterprise e-commerce success, in the domain of choice, focus on the need to consider two questions: one is the choice of domain name suffix; another is the domain name choice. In general, China love enterprises choose贵族宝贝 as a suffix, but European countries enterprises did not do so, Europe and the United States users love.BIZ as a suffix very, meaning that commercial websites, recommends that companies in the opening of the domain name, the domain name suffix are open. In the domain of choice, there is no doubt that foreign trade enterprises should not be chosen or initials in Chinese Pinyin Quanpin, but should English word or word choice English initials, which is very important.

1, 2 shop system choice

Optimization of internal Select the

the order of foreign trade enterprises only a short while ago, mainly from foreign trade exhibition, but with the development of Internet technology, electronic commerce and the European economic downturn, more and more rely on the Convention signed the order of foreign trade enterprises due to inability to pay high cost of traditional marketing, Internet marketing and then turn. In the initial, foreign trade enterprises in the first B2B platform, such as Alibaba, Chinese manufacturing, global resources, there are also some enterprises start their own construction, e-commerce operation mode in the global range of B2C, and achieved satisfactory results. I believe that in the next few years, there will be more and more foreign trade enterprises to carry out foreign trade business through the B2C website, B2C site compared to the use of third party platform, in terms of the cost reduced greatly, and has strong sustainability, can significantly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

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