Summary of experience in dealing with the site into 11 after the analysis of causes

three, within the chain,

low quality content and the chain super can also have good rankings, but also very easy to enter the 11, most sites do not see the contents of the role is to rely on acquisition, copy and paste to update the content of the quality so that the content is not high. And the correlation between the website contents and the theme of the site is low also can make a web site into 11, so 11 can cause analysis from these two aspects.

, a site outside the chain explosion caused by

chain increase too fast, let site quickly enter the 11, and most of the time, the webmaster love chain increases with mass software, natural chain will lead to mass explosion, the old station into 11, into the new assessment period. Analysis into the 11 leading cause we should start from the number of the chain, see your site outside the chain of recent big ups and downs, it can detect whether the chain site into 11 by.

Although the

four, keywords ranking floating


for the website into 11 really make many webmaster headache, some website is in 11 place for half a year or even more than a year’s time to jump out. The reason is generally to enter 11 to jump out, it is very difficult, which is why the webmaster to 11 as the rank of the website in the 11 nightmare, not returned before the natural flow, sometimes not, general traffic was occupied by the home, leave scanty. The second page so 11 not only make your own website not before, even from the search engine to flow also cannot ascend. Today I share the site into the 11 reason:

keywords ranking beating rate is too large, on the site into the 11 bit effect, especially some new sites, if your keywords today in the home, a few days did not come home again, ranking. This will make the site very easy to enter the 11, so, through the analysis of the site keywords ranking bouncing, help find the site into the 11 reason to help the webmaster.

five, the instability of flow

flow in the impact site into the 11 reason is very low, but it is not. When the flow rate of high and low, let search engine website uncertain whether there is value, therefore, will put into the site 11, waiting for the examination, and many sites are on their own promotion, is also unable to guarantee the stability of the flow rate, so the analysis flow of the website into 11 with a reference target.

not related to two, the content of the website and the low quality of

six, use the optimization method.

in the chain can improve the rankings can also lower ranking, even make the site directly into the 11, unreasonable within the chain, and the chain is not too deliberate on the site help. While the code is not standard, let the spider crawling difficulties, JS code will cause the scattered site into the 11.

code is not reasonable

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