Study on the transformation path of hospital marketing website

click on the first result, that doesn’t seem right, then the second results, perhaps each user’s behavior is not the same, first click on the other results, but it does not matter, the key is to see whether we describe symptoms similar information, if not, we will certainly leave. So I know, this should be or pharyngitis, chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis….

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This time

search for "chronic pharyngitis" results


from my friend reminder, or other aspects to understand the uncomfortable voice, always nausea may be pharyngitis, chronic pharyngitis or tonsillitis… I, direct search, to simplify this process, I can only choose to search for chronic pharyngitis, real patients may search for different keywords, to more accurately determine their symptoms is what disease. A search for "chronic pharyngitis" results shown below:

snail view, no good word difference words, as long as the theme of the site, will have the potential of the transformation. Just some words into the distance (research problem in the network marketing website reference: high cost), we must realize the transformation of goals need to invest, must give up in business decisions. But as a kind of thought, I also want to study from the point of view, the real project is impossible to do everything, so unavoidably, contrary to commercial law. Or to the hospital site as a starting point, although the specific properties of the site requires a detailed analysis of the user, but also has a certain reference value to explore the path of the.



if I feel uncomfortable throat, recently always, nausea, so I might fall in love with the sea search "sore throat nausea" pharyngeal foreign body"… In fact, we basically have to guess the chronic pharyngitis, but not everyone will have this knowledge, I just put some ideal conditions, to facilitate the conclusions. The results come out, as follows:

I will be in accordance with the order of

has been advertising information promotion, I might want to know what is the chronic pharyngitis, chronic pharyngitis may want to know more detailed symptoms, how to treat chronic pharyngitis. These are determined in different psychological demands of different users, may I know what is advertising, may not know, maybe I will be a result of clicking on any, or more results, to understand the information (please note: my search behavior also stay in the process of understanding of the relevant information did not involve deeper the level of action).


love Shanghai "sore throat nausea" search results


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